Not one, but three unique Nissan Patrol Safari’s revealed

Nissan Patrol Safari

If you thought the end of the road for the Nissan Patrol Safari was near, think again as this past week, not one but three special edition models that are fined tuned specifically for the UAE and surrounding Gulf countries.

Nissan Patrol Falcon Edition

The first of the three special modes retains the boxy shape and adds unique body stripes, a chrome front bumper, LED beam light bar and a front skid plate finished in silver satin.

New accessories have also been added; semi-gloss black wheel arches and rear spoiler, halo-shaped daytime running lights, a chrome finished jerry can holster, a shiny exhaust tip and a falcon-design stuck to the rear.

Inside, the tan leather seats are embodied with a falcon badge, and the vehicle is fitted with a number of features including dual front airbags, keyless entry, ABS, cool box and air conditioning with an independent rear cooling system.

Nissan Patrol Gazelle Edition

The second of the three unique Nissan Patrol Safari models boasts a special exterior decal which expresses the vehicles off-road driving capabilities and the spirit of the desert.

New fender flares extend over the 17-inch bronze alloys covered in off-road ready rubber and feature a Gazelle logo on the central locking cap.

Sporting a blacked out front grille, a new Gazelle emblem is firmly attached to the bonnet, and a new spoiler is stuck to the rear with individual holders for flags. Inside, the premium tan leather seats are embossed with a Gazelle logo.

Additionally, the Gazelle is fitted with a snorkel to improve airflow when dune bashing or travelling through shallow waters. It is also equipped with tuned remote reservoir shock suspension decorated in Nissan red and black colours, an electric winch capable of towing 4,300 kg and a two-inch lift kit with red coil springs.

Nissan Patrol Gazelle-X Edition

The final special Nissan Patrol Safari model stands out the most thanks to a steel front and rear bumper with rubber protection with both featuring the Gazelle logo. Up front, the Gazelle-X is fitted with two 3×3-inch cube LED lights while the rear has high strength tow hooks and a spare tyre carrier.

When it comes to off-roading, the Gazelle-X means business with its custom-made front skid plate complete with a bright red Gazelle logo and a front air scoop. Each corner is fitted with a bespoke set of red and black 17-inch alloys covered in all-terrain rubber on bolted to the roof is a roof rack, and a 30-inch LED light bar to illuminate the road ahead.

Additionally, the model features a 4-inch lift kit with Nissan red coil springs, a new performance exhaust system, increased front and rear-differential ratios and a tuned reservoir shock suspension finished in Nissan red and black.

Manual versions of the Nissan Patrol Safari Gazelle-X also has a fifth gear overdrive.

The Gazelle-X features the same interior trim as the Nissan Patrol Safari Gazelle but also has a few unique options. These include a cage between rows two and three, retractable drawers, tow rope, emergency kit and sand ramp.

All three Nissan Patrol Safari models boast a powerful 4.8-litre TWINCAM 24-Valve six-cylinder petrol engine rated at 280 horsepower and 452 Nm of torque which allows the model to power up any terrain it comes across.

Connected to either a 5-speed auto or 5-speed manual transmission, the three models are all available in the UAE right now. has new Nissan Patrol and used Nissan Patrol for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

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