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The Toyota Crown, a luxury sedan that has been a flagbearer of Toyota’s automotive excellence and innovation, has a rich history spanning nearly seven decades. It is the second-longest-running Toyota nameplate after the Toyota Land Cruiser. 

Over the decades, the Crown has evolved through sixteen generations, each one contributing to its legacy of quality, performance, and sophistication. In this article, we will delve into the fascinating journey of the Toyota Crown, its history, generations, and models, exploring its origins, technological advancements, and the unique characteristics that have made it a standout in the automotive world.

Toyota Crown Generations

Origins Of The Toyota Crown

Post the Second World War, the Japanese economy was in shambles and everyone turned to the automotive industry to rebuild the economy. In such a fragile economy, Toyota introduced a brand new car called the SA, otherwise known as the Toyopet Super. Toyota then developed several vehicles based on the Super. 

However, it was a known fact that the Super was too basic and crude. By the early 50s, there was significant demand for a mid-size luxury sedan in the private car market and Toyota capitalised on it by developing the Crown.

First Generation | 1955-1962

The Toyota Crown made its debut in 1955, marking the beginning of an illustrious lineage. Back then, it was known as the Toyopet Crown and was only sold at the premium Toyota Store dealers. Designed as a luxury sedan, the first-generation Crown showcased Toyota’s commitment to craftsmanship and quality. 

First Gen

With a stylish exterior and a spacious interior, the Crown quickly gained popularity in the domestic market. Engine options included 1.5-litre and 1.9-litre petrol engines while the diesel variant was powered by a 1.5-litre inline-4 engine. It set the stage for the brand’s future endeavors in the luxury car segment.

Second Generation | 1962-1967

The second generation, introduced in 1962, saw significant advancements in design and technology. The new styling made a massive difference and the Crown was now beginning to look like a proper luxury sedan.

2nd Gen

The Crown also began to establish its reputation as a reliable and comfortable vehicle, attracting attention beyond Japan’s borders. This was the first generation of the Crown to be exported. The 1.9-litre engine became the base option as more powerful 2.0 and 2.3-litre inline-6 engines were introduced. For the very first time, an automatic transmission was also an option — a 2-speed Toyoglide automatic gearbox.

Third Generation | 1967-1971

By the time the third generation arrived in 1967, the Toyota Crown had become a global player. Embracing a more modern design, this iteration featured a sleeker profile and improved aerodynamics. 

3rd Gen

The premium experience offered by the Toyota Crown was well-known and it had become a favourite among businessmen and government officials alike. Engine options on offer included a 2.0-litre inline-4, a 2.0-litre inline-6, and a 2.3-litre inline-6.

Fourth Generation | 1971-1974

The early 1970s brought a period of change in the automotive industry, driven by evolving consumer preferences and tightening emissions regulations. The fourth-generation Toyota Crown, launched in 1971, adapted to these challenges with a more fuel-efficient lineup.

4th Gen

It also came with more body styles than ever before. In addition to the executive sedan body style, the Toyota Crown also came in the station wagon and coupe formats. In addition to the engines on offer with the previous generation, the 4th gen also featured a new 2.6-litre inline-6 engine.

Fifth Generation | 1974-1979

As the world faced the oil crisis of the mid-1970s, manufacturers shifted their focus toward fuel efficiency. With the fifth-generation Crown, introduced in 1974, Toyota addressed these concerns without compromising on comfort and performance. 

5th Gen

With a more refined suspension system and improved interior features, the Crown continued to attract buyers seeking a balance between luxury and practicality. The petrol engine options remained the same while a new 2.2-litre inline-4 diesel engine was added to the lineup.

Sixth Generation | 1979-1983

Entering the 1980s, the automotive landscape was marked by a rapid influx of technology. The sixth-generation Toyota Crown, unveiled in 1979, embraced this era of innovation with electronic fuel injection and electronic suspension control. 

6th Gen

These technological advancements improved fuel efficiency and enhanced the overall driving experience, reaffirming the Crown’s status as a pioneer in automotive engineering. The electronically controlled suspension resulted in a plush ride that gave it a luxury car status. More engine options were added, and for the very first time, a turbocharged engine found its way into the engine bay of the Toyota Crown.

Seventh Generation | 1983-1987

The 1980s brought a renewed emphasis on aesthetic design, and the seventh-generation Toyota Crown was a testament to this trend. Launched in 1983, it featured a more streamlined and sophisticated exterior, coupled with a luxurious interior. 

7th Gen Toyota Crown

The Crown’s reputation for combining performance with elegance continued to grow. In the Japanese market, Toyota launched the Royal edition of the Crown with more luxury than ever before. The sedan came with several engine options including brand-new DOHC units.

Eighth Generation | 1987-1991

In 1987, the Toyota Crown underwent a comprehensive redesign, bringing more luxury and sophistication to the table. The designers at Toyota somehow managed to fuse subtlety into the luxury sedan. In addition to the sedan, this generation was also available in the station wagon body style.

8th Gen Toyota Crown

This iteration introduced advanced features such as four-wheel steering, further enhancing the car’s handling and maneuverability. The Crown’s appeal extended beyond Japan, gaining recognition as a symbol of Japanese automotive excellence on the global stage. 

For the very first time, the Toyota Crown was available with a V8 engine, which is the legendary 1UZ-FE engine. In addition, it came with the well-known 2JZ-GE inline-6. Global production ended in 1991, however, it was produced in some markets until 2000.

Ninth Generation | 1991-1995

The early 1990s marked a period of increased competition in the luxury car market, prompting Toyota to raise the bar with the ninth-generation Crown. Launched in 1991, this model featured a more aerodynamic design, improved safety features, and advanced technology. It is with this generation that the iconic Toyota Crown design came to be.

9th Gen Toyota Crown

Instead of a lengthy list of engines, Toyota decided to power the Crown through a few excellent motors. This includes a 2.0-litre inline-6, the 2.5-litre 1JZ inline-6, and the 3.0-litre 2JZ inline-6. The diesel variant was powered by a 2.4-litre inline-4. For the very first time, the Toyota Crown was not available with a manual transmission. 

Tenth Generation | 1995-1999

As environmental concerns gained prominence, the tenth-generation Toyota Crown, introduced in 1995, embraced a more sustainable approach. For the very first time, it featured a hybrid powertrain option, showcasing Toyota’s commitment to eco-friendly technology. 

10th Gen Toyota Crown

The Crown continued to evolve both in design and luxury, offering more features than ever before. It incorporated cutting-edge innovations while maintaining its reputation for reliability and performance. Toyota re-introduced a 5-speed manual gearbox with this generation.

Eleventh Generation | 1999-2003

The eleventh generation, launched in 1999, featured a more modern and assertive exterior design. The shorter overhangs became the signature design trait. Technological advancements included the introduction of new safety features.

11th Gen Toyota Crown

Unlike the previous generation, this one came in sedan and station wagon body styles. Also unlike the previous generation, this one ditched the manual gearbox once again.

Twelfth Generation | 2003-2008

The twelfth generation, unveiled in 2003, marked a departure from the traditional straight and square design lines seen in previous generations. This one featured more curves and an overall refreshing design language.

12th Gen Toyota Crown

All of the previous generation’s engine options were discontinued. Instead, it featured 2.5-litre, 3.0-litre and 3.5-litre V6 engine options. Transmission options on offer included a 5-speed automatic and a 6-speed automatic.

Thirteenth Generation | 2008-2012

Launched in 2008, the thirteenth generation continued the Toyota Crown’s tradition of blending luxury with modern technology. This iteration featured a refreshed design, incorporating contemporary styling elements and enhanced comfort features. 

13th Gen Toyota Crown

Technological innovations included advanced driver assistance systems, aligning the Crown with the evolving landscape of automotive safety and convenience. This generation was also a major breakthrough in environment-friendliness as it was the first Crown to feature a hybrid powertrain.

Fourteenth Generation | 2012-2018

The fourteenth generation, introduced in 2012, offered a glimpse into the future of automotive design and technology. With a focus on connectivity and smart features, the Crown embraced the digital age. Advanced infotainment systems, driver-assist technologies, and improved fuel efficiency contributed to the Crown’s appeal to a new generation of tech-savvy consumers.

14th Gen Toyota Crown

Engine options included 2.5-litre and 3.5-litre V6 motors. Those looking for more fuel efficiency could pick either the 2.5-litre inline-4 hybrid shared with the Toyota Camry or the 2.0-litre inline-4 turbo-petrol. Though global production ended in 2018, it was produced in China until 2020.

Fifteenth Generation | 2018-2022

The fifteenth generation of the Toyota Crown, launched in 2018, featured an all-new design language. It was thoroughly modern inside and out. The fifteenth generation Toyota Crown featured the T-Connect Data Communication Module and Toyota Safety Sense 2.0. 

15th Gen Toyota Crown

Engine options included a 2.0-litre turbocharged inline-4, a 2.5-litre inline-4 hybrid, and a 3.5-litre V6 hybrid. The 2.0-litre unit was paired with an 8-speed automatic while the 2.5-litre unit came with an eCVT and the flagship featured a 10-speed gearbox.

Sixteenth Generation | 2022-Present

The most recent addition to the Toyota Crown lineage, the sixteenth generation, unveiled in 2022, is a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of excellence. With cutting-edge technology, a refined design, and an array of advanced features, the Crown continues to push the boundaries of what a luxury sedan can offer. 

16th Gen Toyota Crown

For the very first time, it came in the crossover sedan body style. Toyota also plans to launch the sedan and station wagon. It is available only with 2.5-litre inline-4 hybrid and 2.4-litre inline-4 turbo petrol engine options. It is one of the most modern cars produced by Toyota. From enhanced connectivity options to further improvements in fuel efficiency, this generation reaffirms Toyota’s commitment to staying at the forefront of automotive innovation.

Most Popular Toyota Crown Generations In The UAE

The 16th generation of the Toyota Crown is the most popular model because it is the most recent. However, older generations of the Crown are much-loved for their reliability and luxury. This includes the 9th, 10th, 11th & 12th generations.

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