Toyota, Mazda & Subaru Partner To Develop Next-Gen Petrol Engines

While the auto industry continues its strong push towards electrification, Japanese giants Toyota, Subaru, and Mazda are making a collaborative effort on a different front: developing next-generation internal combustion engines (ICEs)

This partnership focuses on creating cleaner and more efficient engines that will be compatible with future electric vehicle technology and carbon-neutral fuels.

Partnership Agenda

This collaboration allows them to share resources and expertise in the internal combustion engine space. 

  • Improve Efficiency & Performance: The new engines will be designed for better fuel economy and power output, making them more competitive with electric vehicles in certain segments.
  • Compatibility With Alternative Fuels: A key focus is developing engines that can run on carbon-neutral fuels like biofuels, synthetic fuels, and even hydrogen. This aligns with the intention to achieve carbon neutrality in the transportation sector.
  • Optimise Electric Integration: The new ICEs will be designed to integrate seamlessly with electric motors and batteries, potentially paving the way for more efficient hybrid powertrains.

New-Age ICE Engines

While working together, each company will maintain its focus on its signature engine technologies:

toyota mazda subaru partnership
  • Toyota: They’ll be developing two new four-cylinder engines, leveraging their experience in efficient and reliable powertrains.
  • Subaru: Their efforts will revolve around improving their well-known horizontally-opposed boxer engine, aiming for better packaging and efficiency within a hybrid setup.
  • Mazda: This partnership allows Mazda to continue exploring the potential of rotary engines, possibly as range extenders in future electric vehicles.

As mentioned earlier, these new engines won’t be limited to traditional gasoline. A key aspect of this development is compatibility with various carbon-neutral fuels. This includes e-fuels (synthetic fuels), biofuels, and even liquid hydrogen.

Despite their competitive spirit, Subaru, Toyota, and Mazda recognise the importance of collaboration in achieving carbon neutrality. They aim to work with other passionate and skilled partners to create a sustainable future for Japan’s auto industry. This collaborative effort signifies a commitment that extends beyond individual companies, fostering a united front for a cleaner tomorrow.

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