Toyota Supra vs Nissan Z: Japanese Sports Car Showdown

The Toyota Supra and the Nissan Z, are two of the finest Japanese sports cars that have created a massive fan base all over the world. These sports cars offer excellent performance, a thrilling drive and a reliable experience. In this week’s edition of DubiCompare, we pit Toyota Supra vs Nissan Z.

Toyota launched the first-ever Supra back in 1978, which is essentially a powerful version of the brand’s Celica sedan. Five generations later, Toyota has collaborated with BMW to manufacture and produce the latest sports car on sale in the UAE. Here is a detailed article on the history and generations of the Toyota Supra.

The journey of the Nissan Z began in 1969 with the launch of the first-generation model, the 240Z. In 2022, Nissan introduced the seventh-gen sports, which marked a return to the roots of the Z series, blending modern technology with a design inspired by the iconic 240Z. Read the complete history of the Nissan Z.

Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Z: Dimensions

supra vs z
Fuel Tank Capacity52L62L
Boot Space290L195L
Kerb Weight1,629 KG1,680 KG
supra vs z

In terms of overall dimensions and weight, both cars offer similar space on the inside. These sports cars are made to be compact to provide an engaging driving experience. Also, they are extremely lightweight, which enables brands to extract most of their machines, without the need for a large-capacity engine.

Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Z: Exterior Design

Brake CalipersRedRed
Rear SpoilerYesYes
Exhaust TipsDualDual
supra vs z

The exterior design of the Toyota Supra certainly has a few BMW cues, giving it some aggressive lines all over the car. On the other hand, the Nissan Z has a more flowy and clean appearance on the outside. Nonetheless, both are hunkered-down two-seater sports cars. Over time, the Z will look better than the Supra. 

Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Z: Interiors & Features 

Instrument Cluster8.8-inch Display12.3-inch Display
Infotainment8.8-inch Display8-inch Display
Android AutoYesYes
Apple CarplayYesYes
Climate ControlDual-ZoneSingle-Zone
Head-Up DisplayYesNo
Powered SeatsYesYes
Heated SeatsNoYes
Audio12-speaker JBL8-speaker Bose
Paddle ShiftersYesYes
supra vs z

Japanese being their usual self have equipped both the cars with good equipment. However, these are not the latest in the market, found on cars from other brands. The Nissan Z’s interiors could appeal slightly more to an enthusiast because of its sporty seats, suede upholstery and contrast stitching. These cars are extremely customisable to match the owner’s taste.

Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Z: Engine & Performance

supra vs z
Capacity3L I63L V6
Max Power382hp400hp
Peak Torque500Nm475Nm
Power-to-Weight Ratio212bhp/tonne216bhp/tonne
0 to 100km/h4.1 seconds4.3 seconds
Gearbox8-speed AT9-speed AT
supra vs z

In the UAE, both the Supra and the Z are powered by a 3.0-litre petrol engine. However, the Z’s performance is slightly better because of a higher power-to-weight ratio. Also, Toyota and Nissan both offer a manual transmission version on their respective cars, appealing to enthusiasts in the country.

Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Z: Performance Editions

Toyota and Nissan both have a performance division deep inside the sunk works. 

The Supra gets the Gazoo Racing (GR) treatment for a bit more oomph. Similarly, the Z gets the Nissan’s NISMO treatment to offer a sportier version of the sports car. However, both these performance versions are not officially available in the UAE.

Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Z: Safety

supra vs z
Safety FeaturesSupraZ
Parking SensorsFront & RearFront & Rear
Traction ControlYesYes
supra vs z

The safety net on the Nissan Z and the Toyota Supra is similar. However, the Z features more advanced driver assistance as compared to the Supra, which comes with only a few active safety features.

Toyota Supra Vs Nissan Z: Price

According to the Toyota UAE’s official website, the Supra is available in four trims, which majorly differ in gearbox and upholstery. Prices for the brand-new Supra range between AED 214,000 and AED 219,000.

Find used Supra for sale in the UAE and new Supra for sale in the UAE.

On the other hand, Nissan UAE’s official website offers two variants. Prices for both variants are the same at AED 205,000.

Find used Z for sale in the UAE and new Z for sale in the UAE.

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