UAE Ministry Of Interior’s ‘Accident-Free Day’ Initiative: Your Chance Get Rid Of Black Points

The Ministry of Interiors and the Federal Traffic Council have launched the “Accident-Free Day” campaign to enhance road safety and encourage responsible driving. This initiative enables participants to erase four black traffic points from their records, a significant stride towards a safer driving community.

Coinciding with the new school year, the “Accident-Free Day” aligns with the national call for heightened road safety. The Federal Traffic Council urges citizens to actively join this campaign by pledging their support. To qualify for the black traffic points deduction, participants must remain free of traffic violations or accidents on the designated day.

Brig. General Engineer Hussain Ahmed Al Harthy, Chair of the Federal Traffic Council, highlighted the launch of an initiative aimed at improving road safety awareness. This effort aligns with the nation’s ongoing commitment to enhancing responsible driving practices. Al Harthy emphasized the significance of following traffic rules and cultivating a culture of compliance, leading to safer roads. Participants adhering to responsible driving will have four black traffic points removed from their records as a reward.

How To Participate?

Step 1: Awareness and Pledge

The upcoming “Accident-Free Day” is scheduled on 28 August 2023. The Ministry will be making official announcements on social media platforms, the Ministry of Interior’s website, and police department sites with more details about the safety campaign.

Step 2: Commitment and Reward

Commit to the initiative by signing the pledge, which is available on official websites and social media accounts. This step is essential to claim the deduction of black traffic points.

Step 3: Responsible Driving

Practice responsible driving on the designated “Accident-Free Day.” Adhere strictly to traffic rules, prioritize safety, and avoid any traffic violations or accidents throughout the day.

Step 4: Redemption of Points

By maintaining a clean driving record on August 28, 2023, you become eligible for a reward. The Federal Traffic Council will automatically remove four black traffic points as a gesture of appreciation for your commitment.

Step 5: Spreading Awareness

Extend your involvement by spreading the word about the “Accident-Free Day” initiative among friends and family. Encourage them to participate and contribute to safer roads.

Participating in the “Accident-Free Day” initiative showcases your dedication to responsible driving, and supports the mission of promoting compliance and awareness for road safety.

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