New Traffic Rules & Fines In Dubai — Penalties Go Up To AED 100,000 Due To Amendments Made To Traffic Rules In Dubai

New amendments have been made to the traffic laws in Dubai. Along with the new changes to the traffic rules come new fines and impound fees. This is in accordance with a decree issued by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister of the UAE and the Ruler of Dubai.

The new decree mentions several traffic violations that will result in the offender’s vehicle being impounded. It also prescribes the fines one would have to pay to get the vehicle released from the impound. The amount to be paid for a vehicle to be released now goes up to AED 100,000 depending on the offence committed.

Here’s a list of the fines one would have to pay in order to get their vehicle released from impound.

AED 100,000 Penalty

There’s only one major traffic offence that would require the payment of AED 100,000 to get the vehicle out of impound — Participating in a road race without prior permission from the police.

Racing on public roads is prohibited and is met with stringent action in several countries around the world. In Dubai though, it goes one step higher as one would have to shell out a massive amount to get their car out of impound if it is seized as a result of participating in a road race.

AED 50,000 Penalty

Vehicles impounded for the following reasons would be released only after the owner coughs up an amount of AED 50,000.

  • Driving of a vehicle by a person under 18 years old
  • Jumping a red light
  • Riding recreational motorcycles on paved roads
  • Deliberately colliding with a police vehicle or intentionally causing damage to it
  • Driving a vehicle recklessly or in a manner that poses a danger to lives or properties
  • Driving a vehicle with fake, forged, obscured or unlawfully used number plate

AED 10,000 Penalty

Vehicles impounded for the following reasons would be released only after the owner pays an amount of AED 10,000.

  • Evading the police
  • Driving a vehicle without license plates
  • Exceeding the allowed tint percentage for vehicles or tinting the front windshield without permission
  • Making substantial modifications to the vehicle resulting in increased speed, noise, or disturbances during operation or driving it
  • Gathering of drivers for the purpose of watching races or participating in chaotic activities resulting from them, or showcasing vehicles on the road

Additional Requirements For Vehicle To Be Released From Impound:

  • Payment of all fines due on the vehicle according to the traffic file
  • Rectification of the violation or removal of its causes
  • Any other conditions determined by the Dubai Police

Additional Fines & Measures Including Deportation

This is for those who are/were under the impression that a vehicle can be left at the police impound yard without any consequences. Once the impound period has ended, if the vehicle owner does not pay the required amount and claim the vehicle from the impound yard, they will be required to pay an additional AED 50 per day of the vehicle remaining at the impound yard.

If a heavy vehicle drives through a red light and the driver is found to be a non-UAE national, the driver will be administratively deported from the UAE. 

When Can A Vehicle Be Impounded & For How Long?

A vehicle can be impounded for any one of the aforementioned reasons and also according to the discretion of the police officer dealing with the issue. In addition, if it is found that a vehicle has over AED 6,000 pending fines, it can be impounded.

The period of impoundment typically depends on the offence committed. However, according to the new amendments, the impound period can be doubled if the vehicle is seized for the second time within one year for committing the same offence unless this period exceeds 90 days. In addition, the amount to be paid for the release will also be doubled, provided that the total amount doesn’t exceed AED 200,000.

With the arrival of these new traffic fines, it is safe to say, more drivers in Dubai will drive more safely and try to abide by the rules. If the number of offences reduces over the coming days and months, it is safe to say that the objective of these amendments would have been achieved.

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