All You Need To Know About Parking in Dubai: Charges, Zones & More

Dubai, the dazzling city of skyscrapers and luxury, can possibly be a whirlwind to navigate, especially when it comes to parking. This guide provides a thorough overview of parking regulations and procedures in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Understanding these guidelines will ensure a smooth and compliant parking experience for motorists.

Types Of Parking In Dubai

Dubai’s parking system is divided into three main categories, each with its own regulations and fees.

Commercial Parking

  • Commercial Parking Locations: High-traffic commercial areas like business districts, shopping malls, and commercial buildings.
  • Commercial Parking Subcategories: Zone A & Zone B

Zone A 

  • Zone A parking in Dubai is designated for roadside parking in commercial areas. It’s a good option if you need to park for a short time in a busy area.
  • Suited For: Short-term parking
  • Parking Rates: AED 2/30 min, AED 4/hour (more expensive zones)
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free outside these hours)
  • Location Example: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Marina, etc. 

Zone B 

  • Zone B parking in Dubai refers to parking lots within commercial zones, offering a more relaxed alternative to Zone A.
  • Suited For: Short & long-term parking (slightly cheaper than Zone A)
  • Parking Rates: AED 3/hour, AED 15/5 hours, AED 20/24 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free outside these hours)
  • Location Example: Al Fahidi, Deira Creek, etc 

Non-Commercial Parking

  • Non-Commercial Locations: Primarily residential neighbourhoods and areas with lower commercial activity.
  • Non-Commercial Parking Subcategories: Zone C & Zone D
parking in dubai

Zone C 

  • Zone C parking in Dubai is designated for non-commercial parking, primarily in residential areas.
  • Suited For: Short-term parking for residents & visitors
  • Parking Rates: AED 2/hour, AED 11/4 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free outside these hours)
  • Location Example: Burj Khalifa, Business Bay, etc.

Zone D 

  • Zone D parking in Dubai caters to two distinct areas with different purposes: residential neighbourhoods and Tecom Areas.
  • Suited For: Long-term parking for residents & visitors 
  • Parking Rates: AED 2/hour, AED 10/24 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free outside these hours)
  • Location Example: Nad Al Hamar, Al Barsha, etc.

Special Parking Areas

The special parking area in Dubai is spread across several zones: Zone E to K (DMCC – Jumeirah Lakes Towers).

Zone E

  • Parking in this zone is designated for the Waterfront Market, also previously known as the Deira Fish Market. This zone encompasses both underground and public parking spaces.
  • Suited For: Paid public parking (underground free)
  • Parking Rates: AED 4/hour, AED 16/4 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 11 PM (Free outside these hours)

Zone F 

  • Parking in this zone applies specifically to the Tecom areas. Zone F is known for being one of the most affordable parking zones in Dubai. 
  • Suited For: Short-term parking
  • Parking Rates: AED 2/hour, AED 11/4 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free on Sundays & holidays)

Zone G

  • Parking in this zone covers all the paid parking areas in Downtown Dubai, a popular tourist and business hub.
  • Suited For: Short-term parking (tourist areas)
  • Parking Rates: AED 4/hour, AED 16/4 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free on Sundays & holidays)

Zone J 

  • Parking in this zone applies to specific areas within Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT), a popular residential and commercial community in Dubai.
  • Suited For: Short-term parking (max 3 hours)
  • Parking Rates: AED 2/30 min, AED 12/3 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free on Sundays & holidays)
  • Location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)

Zone K

  • Parking in this zone in Dubai caters to those needing parking in Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), similar to Zone J.
  • Suited For: Long-term parking (24 hours)
  • Parking Rates: AED 32/24 hours
  • Parking Hours: Mon-Sat: 8 AM – 10 PM (Free on Sundays & holidays)
  • Location: Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)

Multistory Parking In Dubai

Multi-story car parks, also known as parking garages, are a widespread solution for parking in Dubai. They offer a convenient and secure alternative to on-street parking, especially in busy areas.

  • Suited For: Short & Long-term parking (24 hours)
  • Parking Rates: AED 5 / hour
  • Parking Hours: 24 Hours

VIP Parking In Dubai

Upscale hotels, restaurants, and some malls might offer valet parking as a VIP service. This usually involves a dedicated staff member parking your car for you in a designated area and retrieving it upon request. The Upper Level of the Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JTL) usually designated as Zone I, is among the most costliest zones in Dubai. 

Disability Parking In Dubai

Dubai offers designated parking spaces for people with disabilities, ensuring convenient and accessible parking options. Parking spots are reserved for individuals with a valid disability permit issued by the Ministry of Interior (MOI) in the UAE.

You can apply for the permit through the Ministry of Interior’s website or designated service centres. Vehicles displaying a valid disability permit are exempt from parking fees in all designated zones (A-K) across Dubai. Look for blue-marked parking spaces with the international disability symbol.

How To Pay For Parking In Dubai?

Pay Parking via Coins:

Insert coins (1 dirham & ½ dirham) into machines for desired parking time. Display the received ticket on the dashboard.

Pay Parking via RTA App:

Download the Dubai Drive app for info on services, points of interest & parking fee payment.

parking in dubai

Pay Parking via NOL Card:

Pay for parking using your NOL card balance at designated machines. Here are more details.

Pay Parking via SMS:

Send an SMS in a specific format to initiate parking payment and receive confirmation. Here are more details.

Pay Parking via WhatsApp:

Save the Dubai RTA WhatsApp number (+971 505 936 646), send a message with the car plate number, select duration, receive payment link, then pay and park.

Pay Parking via Apple Pay:

Apple Pay is the easiest payment gateway that works with all Apple devices you use every day. Through this service, you can make your parking payment safely and securely.

Pay Parking via Bank Cards With RFID:

Pay for your parking by opting for the RFID service option. Use this service to perform safe, secure, and easy transactions.

Pay Parking via NFC On Smart Phones:

Tap your phone with NFC enabled against a designated point to pay for parking.

Pay Parking via Samsung Pay:

Samsung Pay service simplifies how you pay for parking in the safest way possible. Accepted at more locations than any other method of mobile payment due to its MST and NFC support.

Pay Parking via Seasonal Parking Cards:

Parking seasonal cards allow parking users in Dubai to use parking categories without making the payment every time. Parking seasonal card holders may post the card in a visible place on the dashboard. Apply here for a seasonal parking card.

Zone-Wise Parking Charges In Dubai

Zone½ Hour1 Hour2 Hours3 Hours4 Hours5 Hours24 Hours
I– AED 10AED 20AED 30AED 40
Multi-StoryAED 5 / Hour

Residential Parking Permits In Dubai

These permits are for residents who live in specific areas of Dubai. You can apply for this type of permit online through the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) website. You will need to provide your Emirates ID or passport copy, a copy of your tenancy agreement approved by Ejari, and the RTA vehicle ownership certificate.

How To Find Parking Spots In Dubai?

RTA Dubai Drive App: 

This app allows you to see the number of available parking spots and their hourly rates in designated areas across Dubai. It covers areas like Sheikh Zayed Road, Expo City, Dubai Internet City, and the Deira Creek area. Download RTA Dubai Drive iOS App & RTA Dubai Drive Android App.

RTA Dubai App: 

This app offers a “Smart Parking Reservation” feature where you can search and book parking spaces in advance for a maximum of two hours. However, this service isn’t currently available citywide. Download RTA Dubai iOS App & RTA Dubai Android App.

OffenceFineBlack Points
Pavement ParkingAED 400
Illegal ParkingAED 500
Blocking DrivewaysAED 500
Left-Side Parking ViolationAED 1,000
Disabled Parking ViolationAED 1,0006
Fire Hydrant ObstructionAED 1,0006
parking in dubai

Check for the latest parking-related fines on the Dubai Police website. Parking fines can be paid online on the RTA’s website. Here is a detailed guide on other traffic fines in Dubai.

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