DubiCompare: Volkswagen Golf R v/s Mercedes-AMG A45 S: German Hatchbacks Served Hottest

Hot hatchbacks have always been a fascinating prospect in the car realm. These pocket rockets show that you do not need 800+hp supercars to experience edge-of-the-seat action. You can enjoy that thrill in these small cars without breaking the bank. Moreover, these cars are practical and can be used every day as family cars, unlike the cramped, hunkered-down 2-seater sports cars or supercars.

In this week’s edition of DubiCompare, we are pitting two of the best hot hatchbacks made in Germany against each other. In the blue corner is the Volkswagen Golf R, and in the red corner is the Mercedes-AMG A45 S. Let’s find out who wins this bout!

Volkswagen Golf R v/s Mercedes-AMG A45 S: Dimensions

DimensionsGolf RA45 S
Wheelbase2,631mm2,729 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity55L56L
Ground Clearance134mm107mm
Boot Space341L370L

The Mercedes-AMG A45 S is the larger hatchback of the two, boasting a wheelbase over 60mm longer. However, the A45 S might feel cramped due to lower headroom, especially for taller passengers. The Volkswagen Golf R is not too far behind and features a relatively roomier cabin due to its taller stance. This round goes to the A45 S.

Volkswagen Golf R v/s Mercedes-AMG A45 S: Exterior Design

FeaturesGolf RA45 S
Puddle LampsYesYes
Flared BodyYesYes
Painted CalipersYesYes
Style AccentsBlackChrome

If you love brash, brawny, and in-your-face design, you will appreciate the AMG’s bold exterior looks, with chrome accents adding a premium touch. On the other hand, if you prefer sleek, sharp, and sporty aesthetics, the Golf R is the right choice. The blacked-out accents on the Golf R scream sporty. This round is a draw, as both brands have added unique touches to make their respective models stand out as the sportiest versions of their standard hatchbacks.

Volkswagen Golf R v/s Mercedes-AMG A45 S: Interiors & Features

FeaturesGolf RA45 S
Instrument Cluster10.25-inch Display10.25-inch Display
Infotainment10-inch Display10.25-inch Display
Android AutoYesYes
Apple CarplayYesYes
Climate ControlThree ZoneDual Zone
Heated & Cooled SeatsFront & Rear (Heated)Optional
Powered SeatsFrontFront
Ambient LightingYesYes
Rear Center Arm-restYesYes

As mentioned earlier, these hot hatchbacks often serve as everyday family cars. Consequently, both brands have equipped their cars with ample standard features and a few premium ones as well. Moreover, both cars come with a long list of optional features. While the Golf R has a slight edge in the equipment list, when it comes to the UI/UX for the infotainment, the Merc’s MBUX is the best in the business.

Volkswagen Golf R v/s Mercedes-AMG A45 S: Engine & Performance

EngineGolf RA45 S
Capacity2L Inline-4 Turbo-Petrol2L Inline-4 Turbo-Petrol
Max Power316hp416hp
Peak Torque420Nm500Nm
Acceleration4.7 seconds3.9 seconds
Gearbox7-speed DCT8-speed DCT
Drivetrain4Motion AWD4Matic+ AWD

The performance deficit is evident in the above spec comparison. The Golf R is the slower of the two cars despite using a similar spec engine. However, around the famous Nurburgring race circuit, featuring over 150 corners, the Golf R is 8 seconds per lap faster than the A45 S, thanks to a clever front differential. In a straight-line shootout, though, the A45 S will run rings around the Golf R, being nearly a second quicker to 100 km/h from a standstill.

Volkswagen Golf R v/s Mercedes-AMG A45 S: Safety

Safety FeaturesGolf RA45 S
ISOFIX AnchorsYesYes
360-degree CameraNoOptional
Front & Rear SensorsYesYes
ADASOptionalLevel 1

The Golf R and the AMG A45 S are both safe cars, equipped with ample passive safety features. When it comes to active safety features, the A45 S includes some as standard, whereas the Golf R offers them as optional features.

Volkswagen Golf R v/s Mercedes-AMG A45 S: Price

Speaking of breaking the bank, it’s important to note that these two cars won’t fall into the same price range as a regular hatchback. However, they still offer relative affordability and practicality compared to many sports cars.

The Volkswagen Golf R is the go-to choice if you’re looking for a budget-friendly hot hatchback with decent equipment and performance. Prices for the Golf R start at AED 214,000. You can find used VW Golf for sale in the UAE and new VW Golf for sale in the UAE.

On the other hand, if you’re willing to go all-out on your hot hatchback purchase, the Mercedes-AMG A45 S is your top choice, with prices starting at AED 373,900. Check out used A45 S AMG for sale in the UAE and new A45 S AMG for sale in the UAE.

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