DubiCompare: Toyota Corolla v/s Nissan Sunny: The Battle Of Reliable, Spacious & Efficient Sedans

Sedans have been the ultimate form of luxury in cars and have always been the preferred choice over other forms of vehicles. Lately, due to the SUV onslaught, the sedan market has taken a back seat around the world including in the UAE. Yet, there are some specific sedan models that buyers swear by and we are comparing two such examples. In this week’s edition of DubiCompare, we are comparing the Toyota Corolla and the Nissan Sunny, two of the most popular affordable sedan cars sold in the UAE.

The Corolla has a longer history than the Sunny and is a reliable workhorse hiding under a  sedan’s cloak. It is also the one that is offered in a hybrid powertrain out of the two. However, in the UAE, the Corolla is long due for an update. On the other hand, Nissan recently updated the Sunny with new looks and features. The 2023 Nissan Sunny follows the same changes as the internationally available Nissan Versa sedan. For the comparison, we are considering a regular 1.6L Toyota Corolla, except for the engine section where we are going to mention the advantages of a hybrid engine. So, what will be our pick in this comparison? Let’s find out!

Toyota Corolla R v/s Nissan Sunny: Dimensions

Ground Clearance135mm124mm
Boot Space368L416L
Fuel Tank50L41L

The Toyota Corolla is longer than the Sunny, however, lacks interior space as the wheelbase is smaller by 125mm as compared to the Sunny. The longer wheelbase seems to be utilized in the rear section of the car to free up legroom and boot space. The Corolla is marginally wider and has a higher ground clearance than the Nissan Sunny. In terms of space, the Nissan Sunny has an edge over the Corolla.

Toyota Corolla R v/s Nissan Sunny: Exterior Design

Headlights (Low/High)LED/HalogenLED/LED
Taillights HalogenHalogen
Fog LampsHalogenLED
Boot Lip SpoilerYesYes
Shark-Fin AntennaNoYes
Chrome TrimsYesNo

Both sedan models have subtle looks and a mature design appealing to buyers of all ages. The Corolla slightly nudges ahead with its chrome embellishments and a sleeker profile. On the other hand, the recently updated Sunny comes with full LED lighting and larger 17-inch alloy wheels. In terms of features, the Sunny has an upper hand over the Corolla again.

Toyota Corolla R v/s Nissan Sunny: Interiors & Features 

Instrument Cluster4.2-inch Display7-inch Display
Infotainment8-inch Display7-inch Display
Head-Up DisplayOptionalNo
Android AutoYesYes
Apple CarplayYesYes
Wireless ChargerNoYes
Climate ControlYesYes
Ambient LightingYesYes

The Corolla and the Sunny both have functional, spacious and inviting interiors. The space at the rear is the highlight of these two sedan models. In terms of features, again, the recently updated Sunny nudges ahead with a more robust set of features including a large instrument cluster display and wireless mobile charging. Picking a winner among the two in this segment will come down to personal preference. We’d say it is a tie!

Toyota Corolla R v/s Nissan Sunny: Engine & Performance

Max Power121hp122hp
Peak Torque154Nm154Nm
Acceleration [0 to 100km/h]10.8 seconds10 seconds

This is where the Corolla has a clear advantage over the Sunny. The above engine comparison is of a non-hybrid engine option on both cars. Toyota, however, offers the Corolla with a 1.8L petrol-hybrid engine option paired with an eCVT providing exceptional fuel-efficiency figures. The Toyota Corolla also won our List of top 10 cars with low cost of maintenance sold in the UAE.

Toyota Corolla R v/s Nissan Sunny: Safety

Safety FeaturesCorollaSunny
ISOFIX AnchorsYesYes
Surround ViewNoYes

In this section, the Nissan Sunny because of its recent update has a clear advantage over the Corolla as it comes equipped with ADAS Level 2 features. Passive safety such as airbags, child-seat anchors, and crash protection body shells remain similar on both sedans. The Sunny has better active safety features to avoid any impending crash on the road.

Toyota Corolla R v/s Nissan Sunny: Price, Colour & Variants

Toyota Corolla:

The Toyota Corolla 1.6L is offered in four colour options and is available in two variants. The Corolla hybrid is offered in a single white colour option and the XLI mid-spec trim according to the official website.

Toyota Corolla 1.6L XLIAED 74,900
Toyota Corolla 1.6L GLIAED 81,900
Toyota Corolla 1.8L XLI HybridAED 87,900

Here are used Toyota Corolla for sale in the UAE and new Toyota Corolla for sale in the UAE.

Nissan Sunny:

The Nissan Sunny is offered in 8 exterior colour options and four trim/variants.

Nissan Sunny SAED 61,500
Nissan Sunny SVAED 66,500
Nissan Sunny SLAED 76,500
Nissan Sunny SL PlusAED 81,500

Here are used Nissan Sunny for sale in the UAE and new Nissan Sunny for sale in the UAE.

The Nissan Sunny has more colour and variant options over the Corolla making it more accessible to the buyers to match their preferences. The Sunny is also a tad bit cheaper than the Corolla and has an updated equipment list. What it does not have is an efficient and smooth hybrid powertrain, which Corolla does offer. The choice between the two is going to be simple, if you want to choose features over the powertrain, then Sunny will be your choice. If you want to travel efficiently, then Corolla’s hybrid is the answer.

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