You Can Own A Piece Of A TV Show — Dodge Viper-Based Superhero Car Up For Auction

If you love sci-fi TV shows and more specifically shows in which a car plays the superhero, this one’s for you. The main character of the 90’s TV show ‘Viper’ was not so surprisingly based on the Dodge Viper, but looked very different and futuristic. Only 14 such cars were built and one of the 14 is now up for grabs at an auction.

Several TV shows throughout the 80s, 90s, and even early 2000s had a car or a motorcycle as the protagonist. For anyone who loved cars, these shows were just perfect. Be it the iconic Black Pontiac Trans-Am from Knight Rider or the Honda XL500 from Street Hawk, several such vehicle-based characters defined the shows they starred in.

Now, the character known as ‘Defender’ from the series ‘Viper’ is up for auction. Viper was an American action-adventure TV show that first aired in 1994. The show depicts the drama in and around a special task force set up by the government to fight crime in the fictional city named Metro.

The task force in question uses an advanced and futuristic urban assault vehicle named Defender, which was a specially-designed Dodge Viper. This car was specially made by Chrysler for the show out of leftover engineering units and pre-production prototypes of the Dodge Viper.

Of the 14 units ever made, many were used in various stunts for the filming of the TV show. However, this particular unit that is now being auctioned wasn’t used in any stunts. This Dodge Viper was in fact used as a principal car and for promotional activities.

Designed by Chrysler’s in-house designer Steve Ferrerio, the Dodge Viper ‘Defender’ looks very futuristic for its time. It features sleek headlamps and tail lamps, redesigned doors and fenders, a double-bubble roof with a porthole, and rectangular surrounds for the twin exhaust outlets. Needless to say, the bumpers are static and do not feature the gadgets seen in the show.

The not-so-subtle superhero characteristics continue on the inside too. The bucket seats are trimmed in grey leather, and three monitors displaying fictional diagnostics are placed on the console. The car does not come with seatbelts, air-conditioning, or even a radio. It is powered by a 5.9-litre Mopar V8 and this one isn’t even fuel-injected. Yes, you heard it right. It still uses a carburettor. So, despite its futuristic design, it still has some old-school charm.

This Dodge Viper isn’t registered for street use and hence will have to be confined to the insides of a museum or kept off the street and can only be used as a valuable piece of art. It is currently being auctioned at The last date to place your bids is 05 April 2023. 

If you want a super cool Dodge Viper that is good for display only, place your bids now. In case you’re looking for a Dodge Viper that can be used on the road too, there are a couple of Dodge Viper cars for sale in the UAE.

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