2017 Ford GT gets a Limited Edition model

Getting your hands on one of the first reincarnations of the Ford GT is tough, as only 250 of them are to be built a year. All 250 build slots sold out pretty quickly leaving some disheartened and having to wait for 2018 models. That may not be the case for a while as Ford have something tasty lined up.

To commemorate 50 years since first beating Ferrari and winning Le Mans in 1966, the American Manufacturer will offer potential clients a 2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage Edition. Still featuring the ludicrous body design, a sleek coat of Shadow Black paint (available in matte or glass) complemented with silver stripes. All four wheels are sprayed in gold satin clearcoat with black lug nuts and 20-inch performance rubber coating them. The number 2 is painted on in Frozen White on both the hood and door panels.

Inside, the unique finish continues with exposed carbon fibre; leather wrapped carbon fibre seats, exclusive identification plates and more #2 door graphics. Gold accents appear on the steering wheel, seats and dashboard trim.

2017 Ford GT ’66 Heritage models are only available as 2017 models and will be constructed in an unknown quantity. It’s not known if the number is part fo the first 250 run of units or if it’ll be a separate bunch. No price is specified and seeing as base models already cost an arm and a leg, this variant will cost that and probably another leg.

No modifications have been made to the engine, leaving the 3.5-litre V6 EcoBoost engine producing over 600 horsepower.

It’s not just the new models that are hard to get your hands on; older generation models are just as hard as there are only a handful of used Ford GT for sale in Dubai let alone around the world.



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