2017 Ford GT is Ready

2017 Ford GT

Ford has finally announced the first car production of the second generation supercar 2017 Ford GT, made its debut at the North American International Motor Show august last year as a concept.

According to the information we had, the first 2017 GT car was built in Ontario, Canada and delivered to the first customer.

The all-new Ford GT kept its unique look from an older generation with some modern curves and cuts, powering it will be a V6 eco-boost 3.5L engine with turbocharger allowing it to generate more than 600 horsepowers.

As for the price, it’s going to be 398,000$ that equates to AED 1,462,000.

2017 Ford GT Specs

Engine 3.5 Litre Petrol V6
Horsepower 600+ hp
Torque 746 Nm
Top Speed 322 km/h
0 to 100 3.3 Seconds
Drivetrain RWD
Price  1,462,000 AED

2017 Ford GT

Ford GT for sale in Dubai

The American manufacturer is planning to make only 250 GT cars per year for the next four years, this will make it 1,000 Ford GT cars in the world for this new generation.

If you’re willing to land your hands on one of these you better reach out Ford and order one now because once Ford stops selling it, prices will sky rocket!

It is not available in UAE showrooms yet but if you’re Interested in buying an older generation? Check out new Ford GT for sale and used Ford GT for sale in Dubai.

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