2019 SSC Tuatara lights up Pebble Beach with 1750 hp

The new 488 Pista Spider may be an unexpected reveal at Pebble Beach and worthy of the spotlight but at Pebble Beach, it’s hard to keep the spotlight on one car for more than five minutes. Unless it’s the 2019 SSC Tuatara.

Staying true to the concept from seven years ago, the 2019 SSC Tuatara sports a carbon fibre body with a drag coefficient of 0.279. SSC claim this is significantly lower compared to other top tier hypercars including the Bugatti Chiron (0.36), Hennessey Venom F5 (0.33) and the Koenigsegg Agera (0.33).

Thanks to the extensive use of lightweight carbon fibre, the Tuatara tips the scale at 1,247 kg (dry weight). Overall, the vehicle measures 4,429 mm in length, 1,991 mm wide and 1,092 mm tall. The wheelbase measures in at 2,672 mm.

SSC hasn’t released specific details, but they have revealed the Tuatara will draw power from a 5.9-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol engine. When running on 91 octane fuel, the engine produces 1,350 horsepower. But switch from 91 to E85 and the mid-mounted unit churns out a mega 1,750 hp!

The engine will be connected to a “computerised” seven-speed manual gearbox with a “robotic shift system.” SSC hasn’t gone into detail about this revolutionary features, however, they have previously mentioned the engine and transmission combination will allow the 2019 SSC Tuatara to go faster than any other hypercar in the market including the Koenigsegg Agera RS with its mind-bending top speed of 457.95 km/h.

No information regarding pricing and availability has yet to be announced for the 2019 SSC Tuatara. More information will most likely drop closer to vehicles launch.

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