2020 MG 5; not your average subcompact

Introduced in 2016 only to be discontinued one year later, the 2020 MG 5 is back for 2020 with a complete redesign and a new shape. Now with a protruding buttress with enough space for a spare tyre and a trip to the shops.

But why did MG bring it back? The sub-compact is one of the more lucrative segments around the world and in the UAE as it offers a budget-friendly method of getting to and from work.

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2020 MG 5

But is all this enough for the MG5 to compete against what the Japanese have to offer? Join us, and let’s find out together.

But just before we do that, a huge shout out to Al Yousuf Motors for supplying the car and if you need a slot in your garage, you can sell your car on Dubicars.

The good

  • Fuel economy
  • Options list
  • Space

The bad

  • Hard interior plastics
  • Turbo engine isn’t available in GCC
  • Buttons

Driving the MG 5

If you’re expecting power when you put your foot down, you won’t be getting any in a hurry. Yes, it sounds as if it is a problem, but it isn’t. You’ve got enough power to launch onto a roundabout or the traffic lights safely so angry drivers won’t honk at you manically.

The gearbox is a CVT and rapidly changes to ensure maximum fuel efficiency. There’s an option to manually shift gears although we don’t recommend it. Just keep it in auto.

Out on the road, road noise is present but not as much as we initially anticipated as the MG does feature some sort of noise cancellation.

Outside the 2020 MG 5

When it comes to styling cues, MG cars have fairly decent styling. The front grille is sizable enough to streamline itself into the front bumper. While lines aren’t aggressive, they are prominent to garner the attention of onlookers.

The roofline flows seamlessly to the rear end where the MG5 gets sporty taillights.

For a budget-friendly car, the MG 5 ranks high in the styling department.

2020 MG 5

Inside the 2020 MG 5

Despite the 2020 MG 5 being in the sub-compact category, the sedan is full of life inside and to our surprise, it’s spacious at least in the front, and the options are plentiful.

As with other MG models including the HS we tested earlier, the MG5 can be had with a large and vibrant infotainment system.

There is a lack of buttons which in most cases is a good thing as it keeps the centre console clean and simple. In this case, a little too simple. What buttons should be easy to find, are hidden within the volume/on-off.

Otherwise, the system is easy enough to get your head around within a matter of minutes.

Leather is an option for the seats as is power seats for the driver, which are a nice touch as is the manual sunroof.

Safety and tech

For safety and tech, the 2020 MG5 offers quite a bit for a small package, the options list include tyre pressure monitoring, ABS and EBD.

But what grabbed our attention was the number of cameras the MG5 can be equipped with. We expected a rear camera, but not a 360 camera.

Available when in park and reverse, the entire surroundings of the MG5 are displayed on the centre screen. The view can be toggled from various angles, and drivers can swap between 2D and 3D.

Quality needs improvement, but the fact that it’s on the options list is a real winner.

But then, we have to think about how much the car costs. For the price tag attached, these can certainly be overlooked.

2020 MG 5

Final verdict

The three-year hiatus seems to have paid for MG as the MG 5 is a serious contender in both the price and options category. With plenty of one-ups compared to competitors, the 2020 MG 5 is one to consider if you’re looking for a family-friendly sedan that is light on your wallet in the long run.

We’d even go as far as saying it might just be the best budget-friendly compact sedan currently for sale in the UAE.

2020 MG 5 price in UAE; starting at AED 37,900.

Dubicars has used MG for sale in Dubai.

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