Where to buy the “new” number plates in Dubai

Dubai number plate

Have you ever wondered why you got the standard plate and how select individuals have number plates that differ from yours? We’re not just talking about fewer digits on the plate; we’re talking about the ones that have the new logo, coloured logo or are smaller in size.

First of all, you can’t actually get “new” plates from every RTA centre; there are only a handful of places you can get them from. Luxury/Sport plates tend to be more common compared to the coloured ones.

You can rush over to one of the select centres and wait in line, but if that’s not your thing, here’s a handy guide on how to do it online via the RTA’s official website.

Step 1: Enter your plate details

  • Enter your plate number. These are the one to five digits that appear on the plate.
  • Category. Private is the only category available.
  • Code. This is the letter/s that appear on your plate (ranges from A-Z also includes AA and WHITE)

Once you’ve put the security code in, proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Your vehicle

Here you’ll have a chance to review your information and to double check that you’ve got the right car you want your new plates to be attached too.

You’ll also have the option to select what plate size you want with three available for the front and two for the rear an there are as follows:

Number plate size Price (per plate) Note
Short AED 35
Long AED 50
Coloured Dubai logo AED 400 Adds a vibrant Blue and Pink colour
Luxurious (Sport) AED 500 Only available for the front

The prices mentioned above are for front and back only. You can not order one and not the other.

You can also use this service to replace a lost number plate. If both have been lost, you’ll need to call the RTA hotline (8009090)

Note: It will also show when your registration expires.

Step 3: Select Delivery Method

As of writing, there is only one delivery method which is to collect it yourself from one of a handful of RTA centres. They include:

  • Tasjeel Vehicle Testing centre, Al Qusais (Near Al Madina Mall)
  • Tasjeel Vehicle Testing centre, Al Barsha (Opposite Mall Of The Emirates) Can be accessed via First Gulf Bank Metro Station.
  • Tamam Vehicles Testing, Al Barsha (Near Ramada Chelsea hotel)
  • Cars Vehicle Testing centre, Deira Can be accessed via Abu Bakr Al Siddique Metro Station.
  • Wasel Belhasa, Al Jadaf (Behind Al Wasl club and next to Belhasas driving centre Al Wasl)
  • Al Momayez, Al Barsha Mall (Near Al Mawakeb School)
  • Al Momayez Asawaq, Al Mizhar  (Near Emirates Post Office Al Mizhar)
  • Quick Registration centre, Al Qusais Industrial Area 3 (Zalihka Hospital)

All of the locations mentioned above have location maps that pinpoint each location within Dubai.

You can also choose your delivery date to your desired location. Same day or next day delivery is not available, only three days in advance is available.

You’ll also have to put your contact information in including your mobile phone number, email address plus confirmation. Phone number and PO Box are not mandatory fields.

Step 4: Confirmation

Here you’ll be given an overview of your order and a break down of how much everything costs.

On top of all the plate fees, an additional AED 10 will have to be handed over for the sticker that displays the registration expiration date as well as an AED 20 for Knowledge/innovation Fee.

Prices for all combinations are as follows

Plate size front Plate Size back Total cost (including knowledge/innovation fee)
Short (no colour) Short (no colour) AED 100
Long (no colour) Long (no colour) AED 130
Short (no colour) Long (no colour) AED 115
Short (colour) Short (colour) AED 430
Long (colour) Long (colour) AED 430
Luxury/Sport (no colour) Long (no colour) AED 580
Luxury/Sport (no colour) Short (no colour) AED 565
Luxury/Sport (colour) Long (colour) AED 730
Luxury/Sport (colour) Short (colour) AED 730

Selecting “missing front plate” or “missing rear plate” does not add any additional charges. Prices don’t change according to the delivery location.

Once every you’ve chosen the combination you want, it’s time to pay. As of writing, you can only pay online, cash on collection is not available.

Step 5: Payment

Once payment is complete, you’ll get confirmation on your order. Now you just have to wait for it to arrive.

EDIT: As of the 20th of December 2018, the RTA has announced that all motor vehicles must be fitted with the new number plates by the 1st of January 2020.

Now what?

You’re going to need a car to attach your new number plate to. Choose from over 10,000 new and used cars for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

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