Dubai Has Driverless Vehicles And They’re Nearly Ready To Hit The Roads

Driverless City

Dubai’s ambition to transform 25% of its total transportation into autonomous mode by 2030 is no secret.

The move will increase annual economic revenue, reduce transportation costs, reduce carbon emissions and accidents, reduce environmental pollution, reduce traffic accidents, reduce spaces required for parking and in total will be equivalent to savings of AED22 billion in annual economic costs, according to local Government news site, in an announcement made in 2016.

This initiative is constantly in motion and was highlighted at the World Government Summit 2022, which was held in Dubai in March. Shining a light on the UAE’s commitment to autonomous transportation, HH Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai visited a display of a model of a driverless vehicle, manufactured by Cruise INC, USA. Cruise is ‘a self-driving car service’ which designs self-driving vehicles to improve cities. Its aim is to transform the future of transportation and the company has found a like-minded home in Dubai.

During Sheikh Hamdan’s tour at the Summit, he viewed a particular Cruise model which is expected to hit the streets of Dubai by 2023. The success of this model on roads will pave the way for Dubai’s Self-Driving Transport Strategy to move ahead, hopefully without roadblocks!

To further ensure Dubai hits the ground running with its self-driving strategy, Dubai’s Road & Transport Authority (RTA) signed an agreement with Cruise, an agreement which should further develop the infrastructure around driverless taxis & e-booking services. After extensive research and trial run, Dubai, in partnership with Cruise, aim for vehicles to hit the roads by the end of the year.

Watch out folks, by 2030, residents can expect to see 4,000 autonomous vehicles ferrying residents across the city. Will you be the first to hop in?

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