Dubai Traffic Department to implement new rules to take effect in July

Dubai’s Traffic Department is continuously striving to make the roads of the Emirate safer. In two months, the government department will implement not one but three separate rules that motorists must adhere to.

Drivers caught with rear passengers not buckled up will face an AED 400 penalty and four black points on their license. General Mohammed Saif Al Zafein, Head of the UAE Federal Traffic Council, also confirmed the offenders would also have to pay an additional AED 400 for each passenger not buckled up.

That equates to AED 1,200 if any driver is caught with occupants not buckled up in the back.

Additionally, the Dubai Traffic Department is also implementing another rule for drivers not using a child seat for their children in the front seat. Drivers with the kids under the age of four not strapped in will incur an AED 400 for the driver and four black points.

Children who are under 10 and adults below 145 cm in height are also not allowed to be in the front seat according to the new bill. If caught, drivers will have to pay a similar penalty to the law mentioned above.

This rule will go into effect on July 1st, 2017. Although the date is two months away, motorists should ensure all occupants have buckled up always.

Dubai Traffic Department are aiming to reduce road fatalities to a minimum with 725 occurring in 2016.

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