Dubi Cars: Featured on Smashi and Lovin Dubai

“CEO wishes the competition was better in the market”

Dubi Cars CEO Craig Stevens’ recently appeared on the business network Smashi podcast, and the conversation was picked up by local news publisher Lovin Dubai.

Stevens first appeared on the Smashi TV podcast, Dubai Works, where he spoke at length with Augustus Media CEO Richard Fitzgerald; about the overall health of the automotive industry’s buy & sell marketplace and its need for digitalisation, questionable tactics by competitors and why some are falling behind, how the industry must embrace change and the vision of Dubi Cars.

In the podcast, Fitzgerald highlights Dubi Cars efforts to improve the customer buying experience overall. Along with the Dubi Cars values, which include transparency across the board and its unique features including the ability to share key data and insights, while protecting individual’s privacy.

Finally, Stevens zoned in on the adverse behaviour of Dubi Cars competitors. Their questionable tactics include spreading rumours and telling customers falsehoods, which he says means less trust for customers in the industry as a whole. Stevens highlighted the need for professionalism and his ironic wish that the competition was actually better, that competitors should focus more on business innovation and embrace digitalisation which would help strengthen the industry overall.

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