DubiCars Exotic Car Of The Week – 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB: Hybrid Performance Supercar Wrapped In Gorgeous Italian Design

Think of exotic supercars, and we immediately remember the Italians. Their flamboyant machines offer exhilarating performance and have always managed to capture the hearts and bedroom walls of mortals regardless of age. While most of the world used hybrid tech to make efficient machines, some took it as another route to enhance performance. One such example is the Ferrari 296 GTB.

The 296 GTB is regarded as Ferrari’s first production car with a V6 engine. This move from Italians will ensure the horse continues to prance in the current times of sustainable mobility. The Ferrari 296 GTB is our pick on this week’s edition of DubiCars Exotic Car Of The Week. Already enticed to buy one? This particular brand new 2023 Ferrari 296 GTB from Steer Well Cars in Dubai is listed on the DubiCars. 


Ferrari introduced the 296 GTB introduced in 2021. Everyone went haywire over the fact that it was a V6, but the story was something else. More on this later. Back in the day, if a car from Ferrari didn’t have a V12 engine, it was not given a Ferrari badge. Instead, they were coined as Dino until 1947.

However, due to modern times and stricter regulations, even brands such as Ferrari are forced to use lower displacement engines. As a result, the supercar maker uses the Ferrari badge on their modern cars despite not featuring a V12 engine. 

Other 296 Models

The name 296 GTB is derived from the supercar’s engine. ‘29’ stands for the engine capacity and the ‘6‘ denotes the number of cylinders. While the GTB stands for Gran Turismo Berlinetta meaning Grand Tourer Coupe. Ferrari offers the 296 in three versions:

  • Ferrari 296 GTB (Coupe)
  • Ferrari 296 GTS (Droptop)
  • Ferrari Assetto Fiorano (Track-Focused Coupe)

Ferrari 296 GTB Engine & Performance

The 296 GTB listed from Steer Well Cars on DubiCars is powered by a 2.9-litre V6, twin-turbocharged engine coupled to a hybrid powertrain. The engine develops 654hp while the electric motor adds 165hp to provide a combined power output of 819hp – as said, the hybrid tech is used to make the car fast. The 296 GTB sets your heart on fire, especially in corners, as all of the power is sent to the rear wheels via an 8-speed DCT.

  • Battery Capacity: 7.45kWh
  • EV Mode Range: 16km
  • EV Mode Top Speed: 126km/h
  • 0-100km/h: 2.9 seconds
  • Top Speed: 330km/h

The supercar comes with Ferrari’s latest adaptive suspension technology to offer maximum grip around the bends. There are several drive modes to choose from using the dial present on the steering wheel.

Ferrari 296 GTB Design

Drop-dead gorgeous and jaw-dropping are some of the adjectives that are used to describe the 286 GTB’s looks. The Italian supercar features a chiselled body with evocative creases that also adds to the aerodynamic ability. The central-mounted single exhaust system at the rear is a thing of beauty in itself. The 296 GTB from Steer Well Cars features the iconic Ferrari Russo Imola red exterior colour. The showroom has also specced the car with a few other tasteful options: 20-inch Matt Grigio forged wheels and yellow brake callipers.

Ferrari 296 GTB Interiors 

On the inside, the 296 GTB features a driver-focussed layout with a huge screen for an instrument cluster that also functions as an infotainment. Ferrari has also equipped the supercar with another screen for the co-passenger placed on the dashboard that shows the engine speed, gear position and RPM; among others. All of this is decked in Italian leather with a mixture of carbon-fibre elements to offer a sporty appeal.

The 296 GTB is equipped with Apple CarPlay, dual-zone climate control, race telematics, and a tyre pressure monitoring system. Steer Well Cars have added a few options to their Ferrari 296 GTB listed on DubiCars. This includes:

  • Beige Tradozione Leather Upholstery
  • Carbon-fibre Dashboard Inserts
  • Carbon-fibre Center Console Inserts 
  • Carbon-fibre Steering Wheel 
  • Daytona Seats

This particular Ferrari 296 GTB is also covered under warranty until July 2026 and service until July 2030.

The Ferrari 296 GTB is a perfect hybrid supercar to warm the cockles of your heart. And the one listed from Steer Well Cars is one of only a few brand new Ferrari 296 GTB for sale in the UAE and with tasteful options, making it a no-brainer purchase. Head to DubiCars.com now to find this Ferrari 296 GTB and more cars like this for sale in the UAE. 

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