DubiCars Exotic Car Of The Week — HiPhi X: Futuristic, Feature-Packed & Flashy Premium Electric SUV

When one says the words ‘Exotic Car’, the image that generally comes to mind is of an Italian supercar in Red or a French hypercar in Blue, or maybe even that Japanese sedan capable of putting a few supercars to shame. However, this Chinese electric SUV might just change your thought process.

An exotic car is one that can turn heads, perform well, and has a seemingly endless list of features. The HiPhi X has all of these and more. In production since 2020, the HiPhi X crossover SUV has quickly become one of the best-selling premium EVs in China. With its unique list of features, fancy doors, and powerful electric powertrain, it is generating lots of interest in the UAE as well.

In this edition of the DubiCars Exotic Car Of The Week, we take a look at the HiPhi X.

Ambitious Beginnings

In 2017, Chinese entrepreneur Ding Lei founded a company called Human Horizons. The brand was formed with the aim of redefining human mobility technology. The brand immediately began working on the development of electric vehicles. In 2018, Human Horizons showcased two concepts — Concept H & Concept A. While Concept H was a futuristic three-seater sports car, Concept A was a travel capsule to connect to different forms and modes of transport. 

Human Horizons Concept H

In 2019, the brand displayed Concept U which was a larger version of Concept H. In July 2019, Human Horizons set up a subsidiary called HiPhi with the aim of producing tech-packed electric vehicles and this was immediately followed up by the showcase of a concept called the HiPhi 1. In essence, the HiPhi 1 concept was a preview of the HiPhi X SUV which was launched in 2020. 

HiPhi X Attractive Design & Styling

Being the first product from the brand, the HiPhi X was launched with a long list of features and it does look like the designers were allowed immense creative freedom with it. Up front are futuristic LED headlamps connected via LED strips. On the side profile, the HiPhi X features 22-inch wheels.

They do look like fancy alloy wheels, but the SUV actually rides on basic alloy wheels covered with fancy plastic caps that make it look nice. It features a long sloping roof that ends with a steeply-raked windscreen at the rear. The LED tail lamps combined with the LED strips and the illuminated HiPhi logo further add to the design and styling.

There’s one more element that sets the HiPhi X apart from all other EVs in the segment. There are four LCD Matrix screens — one under each headlamp and tail lamp. These screens can display motion figures and symbols such as hearts, pedestrians crossing the road, etc. What is displayed on these screens can be controlled via the touchscreen inside the SUV.

HiPhi X Interior

A truckload of features is just what the HiPhi X comes with. As expected the interior of such an SUV is bound to be extraordinary. To get inside the HiPhi X, one has to go through the super fancy doors. The HiPhi X boasts motorised doors and all one needs to do to open them is press the buttons on the B-pillar.

The front doors open conventionally while the rear doors open backward. Suicide doors, as they are called, are no longer limited only to premium Rolls-Royce models. If that wasn’t flashy enough, HiPhi went ahead and added suicide doors too. The rear doors open in a two-fold motion — one half goes backward and another goes upwards.

Get inside the SUV and your attention will surely be drawn to the large screens on the dashboard. Behind the steering wheel is a sleek TFT display that displays the usual vehicular parameters and in addition, it also displays navigation. The front passenger gets to take advantage of a large screen loaded with OTT apps. 

At the centre is a large 17-inch portrait display that can be used to control the vehicle. Door open/close, massage function, and seat heating/ventilation can all be controlled via this screen. It definitely is a high-tech cabin, and the trackpads on the steering wheel are another perfect example.

HiPhi X Electric SUV Performance & Range

HiPhi has made sure to go all in with this SUV and the same applies to the powertrain as well. It boasts one of the most advanced EV powertrains in production. Here are a few specifications:

  • Dual-Motor
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • 590hp | 820Nm
  • 0-100km/h: 3.9 Seconds
  • Top Speed: 200km/h
  • 97kWh Battery Pack
  • Claimed Range: 550Km
  • DC Fast-Charging Compatible

HiPhi X In The UAE

The HiPhi X isn’t officially on sale in the UAE. However, thanks to a few dealers, the SUV is available for purchase. This particular HiPhi X from Legend Motors is a great example. Check out other HiPhi X SUVs for sale in the UAE.

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