Affordable Tesla Models Announced — Tesla Model S & Model X Standard Range Models Are Here

Tesla has unveiled more affordable and lower-range versions of its flagship Model S and Model X electric cars. These new editions, known as the Standard Range (SR) models, are intended to improve the accessibility and affordability of luxury electric vehicles, thereby opening doors to a wider spectrum of buyers.

Price Difference

The Model S SR and Model X SR carry an initial price tag of $78,490 (around AED 288,000) and $88,490 (around AED 325,000) respectively, before optional features and incentives. This is a reduction of $10,000 (around AED 37,000) from the standard editions of these models. 

What Is Missed Out?

However, budget-friendly SR models do miss out on performance and driving range. The Model S SR features a range of 515km on a single charge, as opposed to the regular version’s 652km. Similarly, the Model X SR is capable of covering around 433km on a single charge, compared to the regular version’s 559km. Additionally, both models exhibit slightly lower maximum speeds and slower acceleration times in comparison to their pricier counterparts. 


Nevertheless, the SR variants retain an array of impressive features and advantages that render them attractive options for electric vehicle buyers. These include spacious interiors, a 17-inch touchscreen infotainment, a panoramic glass roof, a powered tailgate, and a premium sound system. They also feature Tesla’s Autopilot feature to make driving easy.

Why Tesla SR Models?

Tesla’s move to introduce the SR iterations of the Model S and Model X arrives amidst increased competition within the electric vehicle market, involving both established players and emerging contenders. By introducing a more accessible starting point for its flagship vehicles, Tesla aims to target and attract a larger customer base to the luxury electric brand.

Tesla’s Model S and Model X have indisputably assumed a prominent and influential role in the electric vehicle sector worldwide. Tesla Model S SR or Model X SR is available for order on the official Tesla website or nearby Tesla showrooms.

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