Exporting Your Car Home: Here’s What You Need To Know

There comes a time in most of our lives when we have to pack up and leave the UAE. Fortunately, you can ship most if not all your belongings back to your home country or another country you are emigrating too. But should you export your car home when leaving the UAE?

Most people will tell you “Yes, it’s too expensive” to ship a car to your home country, but that’s not the case. In some cases, it may be cheaper than buying a new car in the country you are flying to.

So why let go of your favourite car when you can take it with you. In this guide, we’ll tell you what you need and how to export your car home

Need assistance? ExportSafe can help you ship your car home. ExportSafe will help you in every step of the way to get your pride and joy back to your home country.

How can I ship my car to my home country?

With the help of our shipping partners Aeon Shipping, shipping is available worldwide.

You have a few options when it comes to shipping methods. You can either have it transported by air or by land. Exporting via ship is the most common way as it is cheaper.

Airfreight is more expensive but takes less time.

Shipping by sea branches off into a few methods. Roll on, Roll off is the most common, but there is the option of putting it in a container either by itself or shared.

What documents do I need to export to my home country?

All countries will require the following;

  • Original export certificate
  • Passport copy/visa copy – shipper
  • Passport copy/visa copy – consignee
  • Document reflecting the value of the vehicle

Companies will need a copy of their trade license.

As with many other services the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) provides, an export certificate can be done online.

Via the RTA, it will cost AED 100 plus AED 20 for the usual knowledge and innovation fee.

How much does it cost to export a vehicle? And how long does it take?

Below you’ll find where our exclusive shipping partners, Aeon Shipping can ship to in Europe, North America and parts of Australasia. In case your country is not listed, the ExportSafe team will be able to assist you.


City CountryPrice (USD)Transit Time
ManilaPhilipines$1,47535 days

Australia and New Zealand

CityCountryPrice (USD)Transit Time
AdelaideAustralia$1,65039 days
BrisbaneAustralia$1,65032 days
FremantleAustralia$1,65039 days
MelbourneAustralia$1,65039 days
SydneyAustralia $1,65033 days
AucklandNew Zealand$1,65037 days
LyttletonNew Zealand$1,77039 days
NapierNew Zealand$1,82039 days
TaurangaNew Zealand$1,97043 days
Wellington New Zealand$1,97039 days


City CountryPrice (USD)Transit time
AntwerpBelgium$1,27534 days
Varna Bulgaria$2,05028 days
RijekaCroatia$1,90027 days
LimassolCyprus$2,050 25 days
Aarhus Denmark $2,150 42 days
CopenhagenDenmark $2,15042 days
Tallin Estonia$2,12534 days
HelsinkiFinland $2,02537 days
KotkaFinland$2,02541 days
Fos Sur MerFrance$1,70028 days
Le HavreFrance$1,72537 days
PotiGeorgia$2,05028 days
PiraeusGreece$1,72513 days
ThessalonikiGreece$1,900 25 days
BremerhavenGermany $2,07539 days
HamburgGermany$1,72529 days
DublinIreland$2,02538 days
GenovaItaly1,70022 days
LivornoItaly$1,90037 days
NaplesItaly$1,90022 days
VeniceItaly$1,90027 days
KlaipedaLithuania$2,02540 days
RigaLatvia$2,02538 days
Rotterdam Netherlands$1,725 28 days
Oslo Norway$2,02535 days
GdanskPoland$2,15042 days
LeixoesPortugal$2,25042 days
LisbonPortugal$2,25042 days
ConstantaRomania$1,85029 days
St. PetersburgRussia$2,02545 days
KoperSlovakia$1,90027 days
AlgecirasSpain$2,00035 days
BarcelonaSpain$1,70027 days
La SpeziaSpain$1,70035 days
ValenciaSpain$1,70025 days
GothenburgSweden$2,02537 days
StockholmSweden$2,02544 days
FelixstoweUK$1,82533 days
London GatewayUK$1,72533 days
SouthamptonUK$2,22533 days
OdessaUkraine$1,85029 days

India & Pakistan

CityCountryPrice (USD)Transit time
KarachiPakistan$1,4257 days
MundraIndia$1,4006 days
NhavashevaIndia$1,4006 days

USA & Canda

City CountryPrice (USD)Transit Time
Los AngelesUSA$2,76445 days
New YorkUSA$2,85035 days
Houston USA$2,68635 days
TorontoCanada$2,85040 days

What about taxes, how much do I have to pay?

No matter the country you wish to ship to, all have import duties to pay and can vary depending on the size of the engine, age of the vehicle, how many seats and type of vehicle.

Sounds like quite a lot of paperwork and running around!

Don’t fret; we’re here to help. ExportSafe can assist you with shipping worldwide and with our dedicated partners, we give the best price, guaranteed.

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