How to get Vehicle Export Certificate in UAE

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In order to export a car out of the UAE or sell a car to a resident in another Emirate, you’ll need a Vehicle Export Certificate.

We’ve got a guide on how to get one, what you need and how much it costs. But we have an easier way to obtain one.

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This guide can be used for exporting from Emirate to Emirate and exporting out of the UAE.

Note; this guide is for Dubai only.

What documents are needed for Vehicle Export Certificate?

For privately-owned vehicles, you will need the following documents;

  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate
  • Original Emirates ID (a passport copy should work if not a resident)
  • Vehicle test inspection (only needed if registration is expired, or the vehicle has never been registered)
  • Mortgage clearance letter (not required if the vehicle was bought with cash or the full amount has been paid off already)
  • Insurance (export insurance is only valid for 14 days)

If the vehicle is being exported and transferred into someone else’s name, a copy of their passport is required. This is also required for exporting overseas.

For companies you need the following documents;

  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate
  • Official letter in Arabic from the company
  • Copy of trade license
  • Mortage clearance letter (unless paid with cash or has been cleared already)
  • Insurance (export insurance is only valid for 14 days0

If the number plate belonging to a private individual or a company is lost or damaged prior to this process, you will also need a report from the police.

How much does it cost?

In Dubai, the fees are as follows;

  • Light vehicle – AED 100
  • Vehicles weighing 3 to 12 tonnes – AED 100
  • Vehicles exceeding 12 tonnes – AED 100
  • Light mechanical equipment – AED 100
  • Heavy mechanical equipment – AED 100
  • Bus with 14 to 26 seats – AED 50
  • Bus with more than 26 seats – AED 100
  • Motorcycle – AED 100

Unique plates are needed cost AED 70. In Dubai, these plates are usually blue in colour and state they are export plates. They expire after a few weeks of applying for them and can’t be used passed the expiration date.

In Sharjah, export plates are white with red lettering and in Abu Dhabi, they are mostly white with a blue bar on top. In AD they can also be distributed as a sticker.

How to apply for a vehicle export certificate

Dubai residents can apply for one via the RTA’s website, Dubai Drive app or by visiting a Customer Happiness Centre.

Using online or smartphone applications only works if the vehicle is currently registered in the UAE. If the vehicle is not registered, you will need to visit a Customer Happiness Centre.

How long does it take to process?

Via online channels, obtaining a Vehicle Export Certificate can take up to three days.

Via the Customer Happiness Centre, it can take up to one hour.

Help! I lost the document; how can I replace the Vehicle Export Certificate?

If by any chance you have misplaced your Vehicle Export Certificate you can replace it via the mobile application or by visiting a service centre.

If the certificate is damaged, you’ll need the original damaged certificate and original Emirates ID. For companies, you’ll need an official letter from the company in Arabic or the damaged certificate, copy of trade license, signature and authorized letter.

For lost certificates, you’ll need a technical passing paper and original Emirates ID.

A replacement costs AED 100 no matter the vehicle plus the usual AED 20 Knowledge and Innovation fee.

And that’s our guide! Got any helpful tips to share on the export process.

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