First Tesla Cybertruck In The UAE For Sale On DubiCars: Price, Specs & More Details

The highly anticipated Tesla Cybertruck is here in the UAE and has been listed for sale on DubiCars. The first-ever Cybertuck in the country is priced at Dh 520,000. Here are all the specs and details of this Tesla Cybertruck.

First Tesla Cybertruck in the UAE Details

This particular Tesla Cybertruck for sale has been imported into the country. Since the Cybertruck is a technological masterpiece, the seller is confident in buyers lining up to buy the electric pick-up

According to the seller, this particular Cybertruck is a Foundation Series model. This translates to a price of around USD 117,000 (AED 430,000) in the USA. Considering the import taxes, limited-edition model and the tag of the first-ever Cybertruck in the country, the listed price is attractive.

Tesla Cybertruck Foundation Series Model Perks

tesla cybertruck uae

Since this is a limited-edition 1,000-unit-only Foundation Series model, the Cybertruck features several optional accessories offered by Tesla. These include:

  • All-weather Mats
  • Frunk Organizer
  • LED Light Bar
  • Full Self-Driving Software 
  • Credit for PowerShare Hardware
  • Tesla’s Premium Connectivity Lifetime Subscription

Specs for the First Cybertruck in the UAE

This particular electric pick-up is of the top-spec model with a tri-motor setup that Tesla calls, the Cyberbeast.


Max Power845hp
0 to 96km/h2.6 seconds
Top Speed210km/h
Claimed Range510km
Battery Pack123kWh
Fast Charging206km in 15 minutes
Voltage Architecture800-volt

Top Features & Tech

tesla cybertruck uae

Top Things To Know

The electric pick-up is filled with amazing quirks and interesting technology. In many ways, this pick-up has revolutionised the segment. The Cybertruck’s features, beyond its performance, are so engaging that you can’t stop playing with it. Here is a linked article explaining all the top weird and interesting quirks of the Tesla Cybertruck.

First Tesla Cybertruck For Sale In The UAE For AED 520,000

tesla cybertruck uae

Find this Tesla Cybertruck for sale on DubiCars. This is an incredible opportunity to become the first owner of an amazing piece of engineering and tech produced by Tesla.

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