Google Android Auto New Features At CES 2024

CES 2024 saw Google unveil a suite of updates for Android Auto. The new features are designed for a smoother, smarter, and more connected driving experience. Additionally, Google also introduced new features on cars with Google built-in.

New EV Travel Feature

No more range anxiety thanks to real-time battery data shared between Android Auto and Google Maps. The Ford Mustang Mach-E and F-150 Lightning lead the charge, with others soon to follow. 

android auto

Google Maps will predict your arrival battery level, suggest charging stops, and even estimate charging times – eliminating the guesswork from electric journeys. 

Route Map Sharing 

android auto

Send your meticulously crafted Google Maps route from phone to car in a single tap – the seamless connection from planning to navigating. Whether you’re an Android or iOS user, Google built-in cars have you covered.

Google Chrome Browser

Chrome browser rolls into select Polestar and Volvo models, letting you catch up on shopping or revisit saved bookmarks while parked. PBS KIDS and Crunchyroll join the party, keeping both little (and maybe not-so-little) passengers entertained on the go. 

new features android auto

And for those who require weather updates on the fly, The Weather Channel app is now at your dashboard’s command. Read the article on 10 infotainment features that are set to revolutionize driving in future.

Digital Car Key 

digital key

Digital car key availability expands to select Volvo models, with more phone and car brands on the horizon. Securely unlock, lock, and start your car using your Android phone, and share keys with friends and family – no more frantic fob fumbling.

Future Of Android Auto


Google continues to team up with carmakers and developers to bring even more helpful apps and services to your car. Android Auto is already compatible with most major brands, residing in over 200 million cars worldwide. The Google built-in family is growing too, with Nissan, Ford, and Lincoln joining the roster this year, and Porsche soon to follow. 

Android Auto is charging ahead with improved navigation, a wider app selection, and a growing ecosystem. Get ready for a smarter, more connected driving experience.

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