Guide To Tasjeel: Everything You Need To Know About Tasjeel, Vehicle Testing At Tasjeel & More

The UAE is one of the most versatile car markets in the world, and it has the largest variation in car buying styles. It is the only country in the world where there are buyers looking at purchasing a Bugatti Chiron Supersport and buyers looking at buying a base-variant Nissan Sunny, possibly even at the same used car dealership.

With such immense variation comes the need to govern motorists and their cars with strict rules and regulations. One of the many regulations motorists in the UAE have to follow is the mandatory annual vehicle testing and vehicle registration. 


Tasjeel was set up to provide motorists with a single service centre for vehicle testing, registration, and all allied services. Established through a partnership between Emirates National Oil Company (ENOC) and the Dubai Police, Tasjeel centres provide a variety of vehicle-related services to motorists in Dubai & Sharjah.

Services Offered By Tasjeel In Dubai & Sharjah

  • Vehicle Testing
  • RTA Registration Renewal
  • Comprehensive Test
  • Car Valuation Certificate
  • Gulf Specification Test
  • Export Test
  • Number Plate Services
  • International Driving License
  • Chassis Checking Service
  • Battery Test
  • Car Paint Check
  • Motorbike Test
  • Trailer Test
  • VIP Service
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Mobile Vehicle Inspection Services
  • Services For Heavy Vehicles

Here is a detailed explanation of each of the services offered by Tasjeel:

Vehicle Testing

Motorists in Dubai and Sharjah are required to renew their vehicle registration every year after the vehicle has turned three years old. With over 40 percent of the UAE’s 3.5 million vehicles on Dubai’s roads, hundreds of thousands of vehicles need registration renewal every year. It isn’t all too surprising then, that vehicle testing is the most popular service offered by ENOC Tasjeel as a vehicle has to pass this test in order for its registration to be renewed. 

Tasjeel Inspection

In this 45-minute test, Tasjeel engineers and technicians thoroughly inspect every aspect of the vehicle before giving it the green signal. If anything isn’t satisfactory enough, the vehicle fails  and the owner of the vehicle is asked to rectify the fault before bringing it back for inspection. Vehicle Testing can be done at any of the several Tasjeel centres.

Tasjeel Vehicle Testing Price:

Dubai – AED 170

Sharjah – AED 150

RTA Registration Renewal

After the completion of vehicle testing, motorists in the UAE can apply for registration renewal. While this service is now also available online, the traditional way to do it is at the Tasjeel centre as it can be done immediately after receiving a Vehicle Testing pass certificate. 

RTA Registration Renewal Price: AED 380 

Comprehensive Test

If you’re planning to buy a used car in the UAE, the Comprehensive Test is just what you need. The UAE boasts one of the largest used car dealer clusters in the world. Multiple used car dealers in the UAE offer verified used cars and there are several advantages of buying a verified used car. One of the biggest advantages of buying a verified car is that the vehicle has already been inspected.

Tasjeel Inspection

However, when buying from private sellers, it always pays to get the cars tested at a reliable centre and Tasjeel is the best way to go about this. Tasjeel centres will give you a reliable assessment of the current condition of the car before buying it, and this will help you make an informed decision. The comprehensive test takes about 75 minutes to complete and it also includes a driving test in the real world.

The Tasjeel comprehensive test is only available at select testing centres. Locations in Dubai include Al Barsha, Al Qusais, Al Twar, Al Aweer, and Al Warsan. In Sharjah, this service can only be obtained at the Auto Village Tasjeel centre. 

Tasjeel Comprehensive Test Price: AED 350

Car Valuation Certificate

In case you are unsure of the value of your car before selling it or you want to figure out the value of a used car you have set your eyes upon, the Car Valuation Certificate is just what you need. This certificate gives you an accurate value of the car in question. However, do keep in mind, you can apply for the Car Valuation Certificate only after the Comprehensive test is completed. 

Car Valuation Certificate Price: AED 250

Gulf Specification Test

All vehicles in the UAE can be broadly classified into two categories — GCC & Import. GCC (Gulf Cooperation Council) is an entity comprising the various Gulf countries including UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, and Qatar. GCC spec vehicles are certified for use in the environmental and road conditions experienced only in these countries.

On the other hand, hundreds of thousands of cars have been imported into the UAE from various countries around the world. In case you are also looking at importing a car into the UAE, you would need it to pass the Gulf Specification Test before it can be deemed road-worthy in the UAE. The test and certification are also available at Tasjeel centres.

Gulf Specification Test Price: AED 330

Export Test

Regulations in the UAE require all export-ready vehicles to be inspected and tested before shipping. This also applies to an inter-Emirate transfer of any vehicle. Tasjeel testing centres have an exclusive license to perform Export Tests. 

Tasjeel Export Test Price: AED 25

Number Plate Services

Number Plate Services at Tasjeel centres include the fitting of registration number plates to vehicles. At the time of first registration, the service is free of cost. However, if you’re looking at getting the number plate replaced, a small fee is applicable. This service is offered only at select Tasjeel centres. In Dubai, this service can be availed at Al Barsha and Al Qusais. In Sharjah, only Auto Village Tasjeel offers this service.

Tasjeel Number Plate Service Price: AED 120

International Driving License

If you’re a UAE driving license holder, you can drive in most countries around the world without applying for a local driving license. The only caveat here is, you need to have an International Driving License issued by the UAE government. 

The International Driving License can be obtained at Tasjeel centres. Applying for the International Driving License is a rather simple process. You just need to present your UAE driving license, your Emirates ID, and two passport-size images. This service can only be availed at the Al Barsha and Al Qusais centres in Dubai while only the Auto Village centre offers this service in Sharjah.

UAE International Driving License Price: AED 200

Chassis Checking Service

This is a crucial service for vehicles that have met with an accident and then been repaired. If the repairs include removing a bend in the chassis or if a part of the chassis has been replaced, or if the engine chassis has been replaced, the Chassis Checking Service is almost mandatory. 

This service offered by Tasjeel checks the measurements of the chassis and other parameters to see if the chassis is as safe as the one that came out of the factory when the vehicle was manufactured.

Tasjeel Chassis Checking Price: AED 475

Battery Test

The Battery Test is one of the parameters of a registration renewal test and a comprehensive test. However, if one wishes to check only the battery and nothing else, Tasjeel offers this as a separate service. This test checks the battery condition, its voltage output, and its ability to take in and retain an electric charge.

Car Paint Check

This is included in the aforementioned Comprehensive Test when getting a used vehicle checked before buying it. However, if you are confident about the mechanical condition of a vehicle and are only doubting whether the vehicle has met with an accident before and has since been resprayed, the Car Paint Check service is for you.

The technicians at Tasjeel check the paint on a car thoroughly to give you an accurate report on the condition of the paint. This test will also tell you which area of the car has been repainted.

Motorbike Test

The number of motorcycles in the UAE is significantly lower than the number of cars. However, the same rules and regulations apply to motorcycles too. Before you can renew the registration of a motorcycle, you would have to put it through the Motorcycle Test at a Tasjeel centre. Technicians will check every aspect of the motorcycle before giving it the green light for registration.

Tasjeel Motorbike Test Price: AED 120

Trailer Test

When thinking of a trailer, the first thing that comes to mind is an image of large trucks hauling goods on a trailer. However, the smaller trailers like the ones used to haul an ATV or motorcycle to the desert for a fun ride also come under the trailers category. The law requires every trailer in the UAE to undergo testing before it can be registered. Tasjeel centres offer this facility too.

Tasjeel Trailer Test Price: AED 150

VIP Service

If your car is up for registration renewal, or you need to avail one of the many services at Tasjeel and you have a busy schedule, Tajeel’s VIP Service is for you. You can fast-track your work at Tasjeel by paying a small fee and availing of the VIP Service.

Tasjeel VIP Service Price: AED 150

Fleet Management Services

This is a part of the corporate services offered by Tasjeel and is the preferred option for companies with large fleets. Be it Taxis, delivery vehicles, or trucks, the Tasjeel Fleet Management Services get things done quickly. Select Tasjeel centres have fleet testing lanes that allow the fast-tracking of fleet vehicles so that the downtime is reduced. Tasjeel even has dedicated fleet advisors to take care of their fleet customers.

Mobile Vehicle Inspection Services

Frequently, there are vehicles that are a little impractical to bring to a testing centre. Whether it is a limited edition 1 of 3 Lamborghini Veneno that costs over AED 35 million or one of those large trucks used to haul extra large loads, it is difficult to bring such vehicles to the Tasjeel centre for their testing.

It is for this very reason that Tasjeel offers Mobile Vehicle Inspection Services. The testing is done at the user’s doorstep and this of course will cost more than a normal test. In addition, a minimum booking of five vehicles is required for one to avail of the Mobile Inspection service.

Services For Heavy Vehicles

In addition to all of the aforementioned services for cars and motorcycles, Tasjeel also offers its services for heavy vehicles like buses, trucks, and other heavy machinery on wheels. All of these can either be availed at Tasjeel centres or opted through a mobile inspection.

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