Car Brands Making Non-Car Products: The Uncharted Territories of Automotive Brands

The development and production of a car involve various processes from diverse industries. This versatility allows car brands to seamlessly venture into the production of non-car-related products, showcasing their innovation across different domains. From robotic technologies to kitchen essentials, these brands have demonstrated their adaptability and creativity.

Honda Robots

Honda’s robotics division was founded in 1986 and has since developed over 30 different robotic models. Honda’s ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) humanoid robot is one of the most advanced robots in the world, capable of walking, running, and climbing stairs. humanoid robot. ASIMO is designed to assist in various tasks and has become a symbol of Honda‘s commitment to advancing technology beyond traditional automotive boundaries. Honda is also developing robots for use in disaster relief and healthcare.

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McLaren Racing Bicycles

McLaren, the British Formula One team and supercar manufacturer, has applied its racing pedigree to the world of bicycles. In 2010, the company launched McLaren Applied Technologies, a subsidiary that specializes in engineering solutions for various industries. McLaren also produces a range of cycling apparel and accessories.

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Tata IT Services

Tata, the Indian multinational conglomerate, is a household name in the automotive industry. However, the company’s reach extends far beyond cars. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), a subsidiary of Tata Group, is one of the largest IT services companies in the world. TCS provides IT solutions and consulting services to businesses across various industries, demonstrating Tata’s commitment to innovation and technological advancement.

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Hyundai Trains

Hyundai, the South Korean automaker, has expanded its business to include rail transportation. Hyundai Rotem, a subsidiary of Hyundai Motor Group, designs, manufactures, and supplies trains to customers worldwide. The company’s products range from high-speed passenger trains to freight locomotives, catering to diverse transportation needs. Hyundai Rotem is also developing next-generation train technologies, such as hydrogen-powered trains.

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BMW Bobsleds

BMW has been involved in the Olympic Games since 1972 and has provided official vehicles to every Summer and Winter Olympic Games since then. The company has also designed and manufactured bobsleds for the Olympic bobsleigh competitions since 2002. BMW’s bobsleds are known for their performance and reliability, helping athletes achieve their sporting goals.

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Toyota Sewing Machines

Toyota, the Japanese automaker, is renowned for its efficient and innovative production processes. These capabilities extend beyond cars, as Toyota also produces sewing machines. The company’s sewing machines are known for their durability, precision, and affordability, making them popular choices for home sewing enthusiasts and professional tailors alike.

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Peugeot Salt & Pepper Grinders

Peugeot, the French automaker, is not just about cars; they also produce a line of high-quality salt and pepper mills. Peugeot’s salt and pepper mills are known for their sleek design, precision grinding, and timeless appeal. The mills have become a popular kitchen accessory, adding a touch of sophistication to dining experiences.

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Volkswagen Sausages

Volkswagen, the German automaker, has partnered with various food companies to produce sausages, particularly in Germany. These sausages are often sold at Volkswagen dealerships and events, adding a unique touch to the automotive experience. Volkswagen’s sausages are known for their quality and taste, offering a taste of German tradition.

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General Motors Bat Houses

General Motors, the American automaker, is committed to sustainability and environmental responsibility. In line with this commitment, the company has developed bat houses and duck nesting boxes. These structures provide habitats for bats and ducks, helping to maintain healthy ecosystems and support biodiversity.

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Tesla Satellites

Tesla, the American electric vehicle manufacturer, is breaking barriers beyond cars. The company is developing reusable rockets and spacecraft, aiming to revolutionize space travel. Tesla’s Starlink satellite constellation is providing internet access to underserved areas, demonstrating the company’s ambition to transform the world.

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These examples demonstrate the adaptability and innovation of car manufacturers as they explore new avenues, showcasing that their expertise extends far beyond the assembly line. From robotics and bicycles to sausages and spaceships, these companies continue to surprise and inspire with their diverse range of products.

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