Jaguar Land Rover’s New EV To Use Chery’s Platform?

The electric vehicle (EV) landscape is constantly shifting, with new partnerships and technological advancements emerging all the time. Recently, rumours swirled about a potential collaboration between established British automaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) and rising Chinese car manufacturer Chery, specifically concerning the use of Chery’s EV platform for JLR’s future electric vehicles.

JLR’s Electric Future

JLR, owned by Tata Motors, has made significant strides towards electrification. In April 2023, they announced a brand transformation, splitting into four distinct electric-focused entities: Range Rover, Discovery, Defender, and Jaguar. This strategic move underscores JLR’s commitment to a zero-emission future, with a target of becoming a fully electric brand by 2030.

Partnership With Chery

While JLR boasts a rich heritage, Chery has been steadily climbing the ranks in the Chinese automotive market, particularly in the EV segment. Their Exeed brand offers a range of premium electric and hybrid vehicles built on their innovative EV platform. 

jlr ev

This platform boasts features like efficient battery integration and impressive range capabilities, making it an attractive option for other automakers. Know more about the Chery Chinese car brand here.

Potential Collaboration

Recently, several media outlets reported that JLR was close to finalizing a deal to utilize Chery’s EV platform. This would mark a significant development, with JLR becoming the first luxury automaker to adopt Chery’s technology.

However, both JLR and Chery officially denied the reports of a platform-sharing agreement. This unexpected denial leaves the potential collaboration shrouded in uncertainty.

Other European-Chinese EV Collaborations 

While the JLR-Chery partnership remains unconfirmed, it highlights a growing trend of collaboration between European and Chinese automakers in the EV space. Here are some existing examples:

  • Volkswagen & Xpeng: Volkswagen invested in Xpeng to co-develop two new electric vehicles for China, leveraging Xpeng’s established EV platform.
  • Audi & SAIC: Audi partnered with its existing joint venture partner SAIC to accelerate the development of premium EVs specifically for the Chinese market.

The current status of the JLR-Chery EV platform partnership remains unclear, the initial reports themselves hold significant meaning. The news highlights JLR’s proactive approach to securing the technology needed to achieve its ambitious electrification goals. Only time will tell if JLR and Chery join forces on the EV front.

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