Lamborghini to launch Huracan Spyder Performante

Lamborghini has been caught testing the Huracan Superleggera closed roof model over the past few months, and we all know that the brand will add an extra kick to the Spyder variant. It appears as if the brand may already have a name for this version as a patent has surfaced for the Huracan Spyder Performante.

It comes as no surprise as the predecessor of the Huracan; the Gallardo had both the Superleggera and Performante name plates attached at one point with the latter adorning a roadster model as well.

Powering the Huracan Performante is the same uprated V10 5.2-litre petrol engine found in the previously mentioned fixed roof Italian beast. Rated at around 50 horsepower extra than standard models, the howling engine will be heard clearly with the roof down.

On the outside, the roadster is to bare identical markings to the fixed roof model apart from a soft fabric roof. This includes deeper cuts in the body work along with new grooves and bumps benefitting aero properties. Plus, a unique set of rims, badges and paint jobs to make the cars stand out.

With the extra flare and increase in power, performance figures will no doubt improve just not but a massive margin.

We’re expecting the Huracan Spyder Performante to land shortly after the Superleggera model hits showrooms with a higher price tag due to the enhancements.

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Note: Lamboghini Gallardo Performate pictured

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