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Electric cars began with basic features and limited performance. As electric powertrain technology advanced, the appeal of electric cars grew, creating new market segments. This week on DubiCompare, we compare two luxurious electric SUVs for the best experience: Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV and BMW iX.

The EQS SUV and the iX serve as flagship electric vehicles for their brands. Packed with a multitude of features, these SUVs are designed to provide an exceptional experience while maintaining a focus on sustainable mobility. Now, let’s compare how they measure up against each other.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV vs BMW iX: Dimensions

eqs suv vs ix
DimensionsEQS SUViX
Boot Space645L500L
Ground Clearance181mm202mm
eqs suv vs ix

When comparing the size, it’s clear that the EQS SUV is larger than the iX. The EQS has a significantly longer wheelbase, an extra 210mm, providing a more spacious cabin. Also, the EQS features a three-row seating configuration offering more practicality. If you’re looking for a roomy SUV, the EQS is the preferred choice.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV vs BMW iX: Exterior Design

eqs suv vs ix
FeaturesEQS SUViX
Electric Boot LidYesYes
Front TrunkNoNo
Roof RailsNoNo
Rear LED LightbarYesNo
Body CladdingYesNo
eqs suv vs ix

Considering the exterior design, both the EQS and iX adhere to criteria aimed at minimizing drag due to their electric nature. The EQS maintains the brand’s signature smooth, round contours. In contrast, the BMW iX adopts a more assertive design, characterized by a boxy silhouette. The top-spec M60 variant of the iX incorporates additional design elements for a sportier appearance, enhancing its aggressive aesthetic.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV vs BMW iX: Interiors & Features

eqs suv vs ix
FeaturesEQS SUViX
Instrument Cluster12.3-inch Display12.3-inch Display
Infotainment17.7-inch Display14.9-inch Display
Front Passenger Screen12.3-inch DisplayNo
AI AssistanceMBUXiDrive8
Android AutoYesYes
Apple CarPlayYesYes
Head-Up DisplayYesOptional
Wireless ChargerYesYes
Climate ControlFour ZoneFour Zone
Heated & Cooled SeatsFront & RearFront & Rear (optional)
Powered SeatsFront & RearFront & Rear
Massaging SeatsFront & RearOptional
Ambient LightingYesYes
Panoramic SunroofYesYes
Rear Seat ScreensYesOptional

In terms of interior features, the Mercedes-Benz EQS holds a significant advantage over the BMW iX, especially when considering the top-spec trims – the EQS SUV 580 and the iX M60 Sport. The EQS comes with a more extensive list of standard equipment compared to the iX.

eqs suv vs ix

A standout feature is the large hyperscreen on the EQS, a standard offering on the 580 trim, boasting a total of 5 displays (3 in the front and 2 in the rear). Additionally, the EQS provides enhanced comfort with standard features like ventilation and massaging options on the trim.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV vs BMW iX: Electric Powertrain & Performance 

Both Mercedes-Benz and BMW provide various powertrain options for their SUVs. In this comparison, we’re focusing on the lowest-spec and top-spec electric powertrains for both brands. 

eqs suv vs ix
PowertrainEQS SUViX
MotorsSingle MotorDual Motor
Battery Capacity108.4kWh71kWh
Fast Charging Time28 minutes31 minutes
Max Power355hp322hp
Peak Torque568Nm620Nm
Acceleration 6.7 seconds6.1 seconds

On the lower end of the electric powertrain scale, the EQS offers a significantly better range than the iX. However, the iX is quicker and features an AWD dual-motor setup offering better performance. 

PowertrainEQS SUViX
Battery Capacity108.4kWh105.2kWh
Fast Charging Time28 minutes31 minutes
Max Power536hp610hp
Peak Torque858Nm1100NM
Acceleration 4.6 seconds3.8 seconds
eqs suv vs ix

On the top-spec trims, the EQS SUV has a better range than the iX. But the iX outperforms the EQS SUV significantly with better acceleration, top speed and driving dynamics. 

The traditional distinction between these two brands remains unchanged. Mercedes-Benz vehicles attract buyers seeking a comprehensive package, while BMW cars excel in providing the most thrilling driving experience, catering to enthusiasts. It’s intriguing to observe how this trend extends into the electric vehicle segment as well.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV vs BMW iX: Safety

Safety FeaturesEQS SUViX
Park AssistYesYes
Auto PilotYesYes
ISOFIX AnchorsYesYes
360-degree CameraYesYes
ADASLevel 2+Level 2+

Both these SUVs offer ample amount of active and passive safety features to keep the occupants safe in an unfortunate event. They also feature the latest in Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) to avert the crash and keep their occupants safer.

Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV vs BMW iX: Price

As mentioned earlier, both cars are imported to the UAE, and the final price will vary depending on the dealer.

Mercedes-Benz offers the EQS SUV in three trims with varying equipment levels and performance. Here are the latest prices according to the brand’s website.

EQS SUV 450+AED 688,000
EQS SUV 450 4MaticAED 698,000
EQS SUV 580AED 771,000 

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BMW has not listed the latest pricing for the iX SUV on their website. However, the prices will range between AED 450,000 to AED 635,000 for the top-spec M60 variant.

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