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BMW Cars Models, Prices & Pictures in UAE

In the UAE, BMW is currently offering 71 models. Within these models, the BMW i3 is the most popular and has a starting price of AED 280,000. The most affordable model is the BMW X2 with a starting price of AED 146,176. For those interested in a more premium car, BMW offers the BMW i7, at a price point of AED 710,000. BMW's line-up consists of 2 Sedan , 1 Coupe , 19 SUV/Crossover with an average inventory market price of AED 181,180.

BMW Cars are also widely available in used conditions starting from AED 24,920 to AED 716,100. There are a total of 1,157 BMW Cars available for sale in UAE on DubiCars.

Model Prices
BMW X1 AED 179,000
BMW i3 AED 280,000
BMW iX3 AED 330,500
BMW X7 AED 505,000 - AED 563,000
BMW iX AED 430,000 - AED 530,000
BMW X5 AED 427,000 - AED 470,000
BMW X5M AED 605,000
BMW X6 AED 447,000 - AED 514,000

BMW, a prestigious name in the world of luxury automobiles, holds a significant place in the United Arab Emirates' diverse car market. Known for their superior German engineering, lavish interiors, and cutting-edge technology, BMW cars offer an unrivaled driving experience that meets the high expectations of the discerning UAE motorist. 

BMW's Influence in the UAE:

BMW's debut in the UAE was characterized by vehicles that seamlessly blended impressive performance with luxurious comfort, quickly finding favor with the region's car enthusiasts. Over the years, BMW has sustained its allure by offering an extensive range of models that intertwine innovative technology, high performance, and sophisticated design - a winning combination that continues to captivate UAE customers.

Popular BMW Models in the UAE:

BMW's range in the UAE is versatile, including everything from compact sedans to high-performance sports cars and robust SUVs. Here are some of the top BMW models that have made their mark in the UAE:

BMW 7 Series: The flagship of BMW's luxury sedan lineup, the 7 Series is recognized for its opulent interiors, powerful performance, and advanced technology, making it a preferred choice among luxury car buyers.

BMW X5: A full-size luxury SUV, the X5 offers an ideal blend of comfort, versatility, and performance. Its spacious interiors, advanced features, and impressive road presence make it a popular choice among SUV enthusiasts.

BMW M3: This high-performance sports car embodies BMW's racing heritage. With its robust engine, agile handling, and striking design, the M3 offers a thrilling driving experience.

Distinctive Features of BMW Cars:

BMW cars come with a host of unique features that cater to the needs of modern drivers. These include:

Performance: BMW cars are recognized for their impressive performance. Equipped with robust engines and advanced driving dynamics, they offer an engaging and exhilarating driving experience.

Luxury: BMW cars feature luxurious interiors with high-quality materials, meticulous detailing, and comfortable seating, offering a premium driving and riding experience.

Technology: BMW is at the forefront of automotive technology, with advanced features such as the BMW Live Cockpit Professional, iDrive infotainment system, and cutting-edge safety technologies.

xDrive All-Wheel Drive: BMW's xDrive system, available in many models, provides enhanced traction and handling, offering a secure and confident drive in a variety of road conditions.

BMW's Commitment to Customer Satisfaction:

BMW places a high emphasis on customer satisfaction. The brand's presence in the UAE is supported by a network of dealerships and service centers staffed by trained professionals who ensure top-tier sales and after-sales services. BMW cars in the UAE also come with comprehensive warranty packages, offering customers peace of mind and a hassle-free ownership experience.


BMW cars offer a unique blend of German-engineered performance, luxurious comfort, and cutting-edge technology, making them an excellent choice for car buyers in the UAE. Whether you're seeking a luxury sedan, a versatile SUV, or a thrilling sports car, BMW's range has a model to suit your needs. Experience the thrill of driving a BMW and appreciate the sophistication and performance that come with this iconic brand.

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BMW car FAQs

  • What is the cheapest new BMW available in the UAE?

    The cheapest BMW car in UAE is BMW X2, priced at AED 146,176.

  • What are the most popular BMW cars in the UAE?

    The most popular BMW car models available in the UAE are BMW X5, BMW X1, BMW X7, BMW X6 and BMW 520i.

  • Which SUV models are offered by BMW?

    BMW offers 17 SUV models in the UAE namely: BMW X5, BMW X1, BMW X7, BMW X6 and BMW X3.

  • Is there any BMW electric car?

    Yes, BMW does offer electric cars in the UAE. The models available are BMW i3, BMW iX3 and BMW iX.

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