Mansory get their hands on another G500 4×4²

As if standard Mercedes-Benz G500 4×4² weren’t crazy enough with bright shades of paint stock, 22-inch off-road rubber on each corner and enough ground clearance to dwarf to park the front bonnet of a Mini underneath. Mansory didn’t think that is

2018 Porsche Cayenne hits the gym

As next-gen Porsche Cayenne vehicles have been spotted testing somewhere in Europe. Reports suggest that 2018 models are hitting the gym and getting their summer bodies in check, by shedding as much as 200 kilos! All those kgs that have

Europe opens pre-order books for 2017 Audi R8

Audi debuted the latest iteration of the R8 Spyder earlier in the year at the New York Auto Show, now four months later pre-orders are finally starting. Well at least in Europe they are and they start today (July, 14, 2016). In Germany,

G-Power are back this time with the M4 GTS

2017 BMW M4 GTS models are pretty rare seeing as there are only 700 models in existence and cost quite the premium over standard versions (double the price for those wondering) but that won’t stop G-Power from taking yours away for

2017 Hyundai i30 N spied out in the open

Volkswagen’s potent Golf GTi is the go to hot hatch, but soon it could come under fire from one South Korean manufacturer whose very own hot hatch that has been speculated for some time has been caught testing in Europe. Although it’s

2017 Ford F150 gains a V6 motor

We still can’t get our heads around the fact that something so colassal as the Ford F150 is powered by a V6 motor, but for some time it has and it’s pretty potent when it comes to torque figures. 2017

2019 Dodge Challenger sparks next generation

Eight years ago, the Dodge Challenger was reborn and remained relatively unchanged over the time frame. While Chevy and Ford continuously nipped and tucked their pony cars of the years to keep them both fresh in the eyes of the consumers. Of course,

Lamborghini to add a third model

Currently, Lamborghini has two ultra-quick not to mention gorgeous sports cars, the Huracan and Aventador for those who may not know. But that’s not much of a selection now is it? Lamborghini appears to be in the same mind frame and