Toyota Hilux Review — The True Adventure Lifestyle Pick-up

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport carves out a unique space within the Hilux lineup. Targeting drivers who crave both off-road capability and a touch of sporty character, the GR Sport boasts a range of upgrades. Here is a detailed review of the Toyota Hilux exploring its capabilities. Find this Hilux GR-Sport for sale in the UAE on DubiCars by Sahara Motors.


The Toyota Hilux, born in 1968 as a compact pickup, has grown into a global icon. Early on, it gained a reputation for toughness. By the late 70s, it added 4WD and wider tracks, solidifying its off-road cred. 

Over time, comfort and power options increased, culminating in the modern Hilux with a range of engines and the sporty GR Sport trim. Through it all, the Hilux has remained a versatile truck for work and adventure. Read this linked article to know more about the Toyota Hilux.

Exterior Design

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport boasts a head-turning exterior emphasising power and off-road prowess. A black G-mesh front grille with the classic “TOYOTA” lettering sets the tone, while larger air intakes and black over-fenders project a sense of performance.

toyota hilux gr sport review

Sporty touches include 17-inch black alloy wheels and contrasting red brake calipers on some models. Black accents on mirrors, side steps, and the tailgate handle further amplify the aggressive look.

Interior Design

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport’s interior complements its aggressive exterior with a driver-focused and sporty ambience. The black colour scheme accompanied by red accents injects a dose of excitement. 

The GR branding finds its way onto the steering wheel and headrests, subtly reminding you of the truck’s performance pedigree. Further enhancing the sporty feel are aluminium sport pedals that replace the standard ones.


toyota hilux gr sport review

The Hilux GR-Sport is a lifestyle pick-up vehicle, and this is evident with the number of features that it is equipped with. Here are the highlights:

  • Semi-digital Instrument Cluster
  • 8-inch Infotainment
  • 6-speaker Audio
  • Android Auto & Apple CarPlay
  • Dual-zone Climate Control
  • LED Lighting
  • Engine Auto Start/Stop
  • Front & Rear Parking Sensors
  • Hill Assist Control
  • Wireless Phone Charger
  • Air Compressor

Engine & Transmission

Toyota’s V6 naturally-aspirated engine powers the Hilux GR-Sport. It is paired with a 6-speed automatic transmission and a full-fledged transfer case for 4WD.

4.0-litre Petrol V6 Engine
Max Power235hp
Peak Torque375Nm
0 to 100km/h9.7 seconds
Top Speed175km/h

Driving Impressions

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport with the 4.0L V6 engine and 6-speed automatic transmission offers a noticeably more exciting driving experience compared to the standard Hilux and its turbodiesel variants. The 6-speed automatic transmission smoothly handles the engine’s power, keeping it in the optimal range for brisk performance.

toyota hilux gr sport review

However, the GR Sport’s suspension leans towards a firmer setup for sharper handling and improved body control. While this translates to better cornering and off-road capability, it can also lead to a slightly stiffer ride on uneven roads compared to the standard Hilux. This trade-off in ride comfort might not suit everyone, but it caters to drivers who prioritise a more engaging driving experience, especially when venturing off-road.

Review Verdict

The Toyota Hilux GR Sport carves out a niche for itself within the Hilux lineup. It prioritises performance, offering a significantly more exciting driving experience. This perk comes with a slightly firmer ride due to the revised suspension that enhances handling and off-road capability. While the interior boasts sporty touches, it feels a bit dated overall. The Hilux GR Sport is a compelling choice for drivers who crave a powerful and engaging truck

Toyota Hilux Price in the UAE

toyota hilux gr sport review

According to Toyota’s official website in the UAE, prices for the Hilux start from AED 114,900. However, the Toyota Hilux GR-Sport variant is priced at AED 169,900. Find this Hilux GR-Sport for sale in the UAE by Sahara Motors on DubiCars.

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