Porsche 911 To Keep IC Engine: Roaring Exhaust Won’t Go Quiet Anytime Soon

When you think of the number 911, two things come to mind. The first one is a number for help and the other is a car that will make you want to ring that number once you start to drive it. Porsche has now confirmed that the boyhood sports car – the 911 – will continue to be powered by an ICE engine at least till the end of the current decade.

The Iconic sports car from the German manufacturer has set the roads on fire for almost 60 years now and has created a hard-core fan base across the world. Over the years, the 911 brand has spread across several models and Porsche currently lists over 20 trims.

: 911 GTS on September, 5, 2021, (Photo by Hoch Zwei)

Present Vs Future 

The prospect of the Porsche 911 going fully electric overnight might disappoint its dedicated fan base and could potentially diminish the car’s cherished charm. To ensure a smooth transition, Porsche is meticulously preparing for the future. At present, the Porsche 911 range comprises models with naturally aspirated (NA) or turbocharged engines, depending on the variant.

Porsche’s initial step towards electrification will involve adopting the hybrid route. By integrating hybrid technology into the 911 lineup, they aim to strike a good balance between preserving the beloved driving experience and embracing more sustainable practices. However, as we look ahead to the next decade, it’s evident that the unmistakable thrum of the Porsche 911’s flat-six engine might eventually be replaced by the subtle silence of electric motors.

Why The Delay?

Why is Porsche doing this? Well, the simple answer is the implementation of stricter emission norms by the EU regulations. Speaking to Reuters, Karl Dums recently confirmed that the 911 will be the manufacturer’s last ICE-powered survivor. He also stated that  Porsche has a plan to gradually electrify its car lineup so that electric vehicles make up 80% of sales by 2030 for the brand globally.

While this announcement may temporarily delay the production of all-electric 911s, it also implies that Porsche will have ambitious plans for the future of the iconic sports car. With constant advancements in technology, we can expect Porsche to launch truly remarkable examples of ICE-powered 911s, which will become a collector’s item and something to celebrate in the years to come.

Holger Maske Juli 2020

However, it remains to be seen how Porsche will make this difficult transition for its flagship 911 sports car line-up in the future. This will be the talk of the town, especially among Porsche 911 fans. For now, Porsche’s decision to keep the Porsche 911 powered by the internal combustion engine until the next decade comes as a welcome relief for car enthusiasts all over the world.

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