Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo Sets EV World Record: Climbs 18,287 Feet In China

The Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo has cemented its position in automotive history by clinching a Guinness World Record through an awe-inspiring 2,783-kilometre expedition that took it from the lowest point in China to the summit of one of the world’s highest national highways. This remarkable 10-day challenge commenced at the depths of Ayding Lake, a staggering -718.477 feet below sea level, culminating in the triumphant ascent of Hongtu Daban, soaring to an elevation of 17,571.51 feet above sea level.

The Xinjiang-Tibet route, marked by desolate terrains and harsh weather conditions, pushed the Taycan Cross Turismo to its limits, showcasing its exceptional off-road capabilities, long-distance comfort, and unwavering reliability. Moreover, this expedition also highlighted the efficiency of Porsche’s 800 V architecture, as it effortlessly tackled the harshest conditions.

The ascent, spanning an astonishing 18,287 feet, subjected the Taycan Cross Turismo to drastic shifts in temperature, air pressure, geological conditions, and natural surprises. However, the vehicle’s adaptability shined through, conquering scorching surface temperatures of 70°C to icy roads and navigating both bustling cities and isolated 5,000-metre-high landscapes. Here are a few other highlights that helped the Taycan Cross Turismo achieve this feat:

  • Efficient energy management: Provided real-time power consumption data for confident charging stop planning.
  • Two-speed transmission: Optimized motor efficiency during tough terrains.
  • Energy recuperation: Extended the vehicle’s range during descents.
  • Thermal management and chassis tuning: Contributed to the Taycan Cross Turismo’s success on the Xinjiang-Tibet route.
  • Porsche‘s 800 V architecture: Enabled efficient charging at various points, reducing overall charging time.
  • EnjoyElec smart energy management: Vital in powering the cars through challenging Kunlun and Tianshan mountains.
  • Intelligent thermal management: Maintained optimal component temperatures for high charging efficiency.

While the focus of this epic journey was not just on the destination but also on the experiences along the way, the Taycan Cross Turismo proved to be a reliable travel companion. With its advanced chassis, all-wheel drive, and Adaptive Air Suspension, it smoothed out rough roads, allowing passengers to immerse themselves in the unique sights, sounds, and sensations of this remote part of the world. This altitude record-breaking expedition truly exemplified the highs and lows of adventure and comfort.

Beyond setting a new altitude record, Porsche aims to inspire drivers to embark on such epic electric adventures, immersive experiences, untamed wilderness, indelible memories, and zero-emission driving. The world record journey served as a testament to the potential of sustainable travel and sports car ownership.

In an era of electrified travel and sustainability, the Porsche Taycan Cross Turismo’s feat demonstrates the remarkable potential of electric vehicles in conquering the world’s most challenging terrains.

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