How To Register A Car In The UAE

Have you just got your hands on a new or used car in the UAE? Great, it’s time to get it ready for the road. As always we’re here to help with a guide on how to register a car in the UAE. 

If you’re buying a new car, the dealer will take care of all of this or atleast assist you with the process. The same can be said for pre-owned vehicles from a car dealer.

There are a number of ways to register ones vehicle in the Emirates and they are all listed below. 

How to register a car in the UAE yourself

Documents you’ll need for registration:

  • Driving license (original and/or copy)
  • Emirates ID (original and/or copy)
  • Insurance policy (original)
  • Old registration card/Mulkiya (used car only)
  • Vehicle passing paper (original) not required for vehicles three years or newer
  • If the car is financed via the bank, an NOC and documents from the financial institute. (original)

Note: If one or both license plates are missing, you’ll need a to get a police report before re-registering.

Note 2: Opening hours change during public holidays. 

Make sure you have everything mentioned above before you make your way to the registration office. Copy’s of the documents can be done at the registration office at a price of 1 or 2 AED. 

Once you’ve got all the relevant paperwork, it’s time to head to the registration centre. Different Emirates have their own testing/registration centres scattered across the country. 

In Dubai, you can go to the Dubai Traffic Department, Tasjeel Eppco or Belhasa Wasel Car testing

Sharjah residents can head to Tasjeel

Those living in the capital of the UAE can head here.

In Ajman, you can go to Shamil

Note: Opening hours vary from Emirate to Emirate, Tasjeel and Wasel Belhasa vehicle testing in Dubai are open 24 hours.

Step by step guide to register your car

  1. Get a number and fill out the mandatory paperwork.
  2. With the filled out and your number is called, you’ll need to hand over all the documents, paperwork.
  3. Fines from the previous owner need to be paid off. This not required for renewal unless it’s a Salik violation.
  4. Once all of that is completed, and your car has passed inspection, you’ll be given a registration card (mulkiya).
  5. Along with that, you’ll receive number plates and a sticker displaying the date of the next renewal.
  6. Attach the plates to your car and stick the date sticker to the rear plate and drive off into the sunset.

What does it all cost?

  • First time registration – AED 400 (new car only)
  • Renewal for light vehicle – AED 350
  • Technical test – AED 150 (AED 50 if the vehicle has to be re-tested)
  • Sticker – AED 10
  • Knowledge/innovation fee – AED 20
  • Late fees – AED 20 (Charged per month)

Note: The sticker provided must be stuck to the rear license plate.

How to register a car in the UAE Online

In select Emirates you can register your vehicle online, in Dubai you can use the RTA’s website, in Abu Dhabi, head on over to the Abu Dhabi Police e-service portal.  

Documents required to register online:

  • Passing paper
  • Vehicle insurance documents.

Once submitted and paid for, the site will ask for a delivery address to send you the mulkiya and sticker.

Prices online are identical to registering in person.

Car registering concierge

Abu Dhabi residents can also have someone do the entire process for them at a price of AED 349. All you need to do is book an appointment via their website and they will collect your car from your house and will return it once the vehicle registration is complete. This company also operates in Dubai.

Alternatively, your mechanic can also have your vehicle registered for you and put all the documents in your name. This works in the UAE.

Those are the three ways you can register a car in the UAE.

Number plates and sizes

Dubai residents have a choice when it comes to number plates. As standard, all Dubai plates are in English but can be requested in Arabic only.

In Dubai, two sizes are available; short and long each cost AED 420 and AED 470 respectively. New Dubai logo plates are available for an additional AED 25 for short and AED 35 for long plates.  

Other Emirates also have new plate designs with vibrant colours.

If the previous owner has purchased the number plates, the registration centre will provide you with a randomly generated plate.

VIP plates are available at price and once purchased belong to you. They can be bought from the RTA or at Auction and range anywhere between AED 250 to AED 52.2 million.

Anything else?

Insurance is valid for 13 months whereas vehicle registration is valid for 12 months. Renewing a vehicle after the 12 month period carries a fine of AED 20 per month (in Dubai). 

In Abu Dhabi, there is a 30 day grace period after registration has expired. This is to ensure that any required mechanical work that may need to be carried out can if the vehicle fails the mandatory registration renewal test.

Vehicles no older than three years do not have to be tested in Abu Dhabi.  

Driving an unregistered car in the UAE

Just don’t. Driving an unregistered vehicle in the country on public roads is against the law and can land you in a lot of hot water.

Even if the police are not around, the cameras and smart boards across the Emirates can detect your license plate and verify if the registration is valid.

In Abu Dhabi, if the grace period has passed, it is illegal to drive the vehicle and violators will be handed an AED 500 fine (minimum), four black points and the car impounded for seven days. 

Dubai residents who do not renew their registration will be slapped with an AED 400 fine in the first three months. After that, the vehicle will be impounded.

Now that’s all been covered, time to find the perfect ride. Dubicars has new and used cars for sale in Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi and Ajman.

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