RTA Super Plates Auction In Dubai Raises Over AED 51 Million

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA)
closed out its year of exclusive super plates auction with a bang. The auction raised a staggering AED 51.216 million at the 114th open auction held at the Grand Hyatt Dubai Hotel on December 30th, 2023.

RTA offered an enticing selection of 90 super plates at the auction, featuring combinations of two, three, four, and five digits across popular categories (AA-I-J-M-N-O-Q-R-S-T-U-V-W-X-Y-Z).

Through these open and online auctions, RTA upholds its commitment to fairness, openness, and equal access for all plate enthusiasts. These distinctive numbers hold personal significance for many bidders, commemorating special occasions, symbols, and milestones.

Top Plates Fetch Millions At Super Plates Auction

super plates auction
  • The coveted (AA30) plate took the top spot, selling for over AED 4,540,000
  • Bidders fiercely contested for (O48), eventually acquired for AED 2.56 million
  • Plate (AA555) was not far behind, reaching a final price of AED 2.48 million
  • Striking a chord with another bidder, (T64) went for AED 2,400,000
  • The unique (Q66666) plate found a new home for AED 1,610,000

The above-mentioned plates contributed to a large portion of the total money raised from the auction. However, other plates fetched a good price.

The super plate auction also serves a broader purpose for RTA, catering to a diverse audience and fostering customer satisfaction with its services. By tailoring offerings to market trends, RTA aims to consistently elevate the satisfaction and happiness of its customers.

Dubai’s love affair with unique and personalized license plates continues to drive these impressive auction results. The variety, transparency, and strategic focus on customer needs are key ingredients in RTA’s successful formula for these highly anticipated events.

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