Thinking about buying a car during Eid? Here’s what you can expect

Ramadan is traditionally a busy period for car sales. Showrooms adjust their hours to meet the demand of late-night shoppers, with most dealers staying open until 12am daily.

In Eid, once again we see a shift in automotive buying habits. Most of the dealers will be closed, but the online sales space continues to see activity, as customers who have a five-day break have more time to browse, consider and eventually make purchases.

Dealers may be less available, but WhatsApp communication means buyer/seller chats are effortless.

Get ready to sell this Eid? With dealers off and potential customers away now’s the time to get your car ready, as post-Eid, we expect the market to be really busy! So now’s the time to get your car in a good position – get those dents seen to, the car cleaned, and your photos uploaded to Dubi Cars. So you can get a head start, and be in a strong position to sell your car first.

So, to make life easier here’s what to expect this Eid:

Car Dealers: Most of the dealers will be closed. So, it’s better to send an email or WhatsApp inquiries for the cars you’re interested in if your phone call is not answered. There may be a delay in answering the inquiries but hopefully, you’ll get an answer!

Car registration centers: If you’re in Dubai, the RTA Testing centers remain open but with reduced hours, see the RTA & media office for a full timing breakdown. For Eid Al Fitr hours are based on the observation, so check on Tajeel’s website for support.

Private car owners’ advertisements: Private car owners, unless they’re traveling over the break, will likely be around to answer your questions, as it’s in their interest to sell their car too! So there’ll be likely no changes in terms of answering lead and car viewings, but there may be delays in transferring ownership due to other government closures.

Car insurance companies: A lot of car insurance can now be done online, so you shouldn’t see a major impact if you need support over the Eid break.
Banks (in case of the car loan): The majority of banks will be open during Eid but at reduced working hours.

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