7 tips for selling your car in Dubai

Are you looking to trade up your car? Maybe downsize? Or do you just fancy a change? You may already have your sights set on a fancy new set of replacement wheels. But, first things first, you need to sell your current car. 

So, if you’re looking to sell your car in Dubai, get the maximum value and sell your vehicle efficiently, you’ve come to the right place. Here are 7 tips to help you sell your car, from preparing it for sale and getting the best price, to listing your vehicle and attracting multiple buyers.

1. Get your car sale ready

Get your vehicle looking the best it can be to impress potential buyers. At a minimum, make sure the car is cleaned inside and out, but also consider fixing minor issues, like paint chips and small dents. 

No mechanic? No problem! There are heaps of small car issues that you can easily fix yourself. Retouch chipped paint, fix dings or rips in leather seats – small efforts on your side will make the car look more presentable, and buyers will be more inclined to say ‘yes’ to a respectable car, plus you could even raise the value of your car.

2. Set your price

Searching for similar cars on classifieds and valuing your car yourself, is no way to find a price to list your car. A faulty tactic that is time-consuming and would provide too many variables giving you an unrealistic expectation of the price of your car. 

The best (and most convenient) way to value your car is to seek a professional evaluation, which goes beyond simply checking the year and the make. A professional evaluation, such as the Dubi Cars TrueValue FREE Instant Car Valuation, will look at the model, trim and condition of your car, along with analysing thousands of other vehicles on the market, to determine their market value, plus with Dubi Cars, you can get it instantly! 

The Dubi Cars TrueValue FREE Instant Car Valuation*  will analyse tens of thousands of cars and calculate from hundreds of independent UAE dealers, insurance companies and banks, as well as market retail prices for an accurate price.

Getting an independent valuation, not only gives you an instant price for your car but arms you with knowledge so you’re in a better position when a potential buyer tries to negotiate with you over the sale.

3. Find the right platform

There are many websites where you can list your car for sale, from Facebook to using classified websites and digital marketplaces, which is usually the option that guarantees the most solid leads.
So, using Dubi Cars, the UAE’s largest marketplace is probably the best bet, where you can list your car for FREE right here.
Plus, unlike many UAE-based websites, our cars are independent, and we’re independent. This means we can be fully transparent with all buyers and sellers across our site, getting the best results for all.
Dubi Cars is a trusted marketplace where you can sell your car, they’ll also offer an instant, no-obligation, cash offer for your vehicle if you’re looking for a fast sale.

4. Get maximum value

Listing your car on most classified sites means a middle man somewhere will earn a dirham or two. You can SAVE money by selling to a buyer directly, and with Dubi Cars, there is no middle man, meaning we take ZERO commission, ensuring you the best price available.

So without having any hidden costs of commission to worry about, it’s all about getting the interest to get the maximum value for your car. Aim to speak to multiple buyers, and don’t rush the deal until you’re satisfied that the sale value of your vehicle matches its true value.

5. Post your listing in 3 simple steps

Listing your car with the UAE’s most trusted marketplace is always a winner. So if you’re looking to sell your car on Dubi Cars, it’s really simple and can be done in 3 easy steps: 

  1. Take at least 6-8 good photos of your car, inside and out and include all the details – mileage (kilometres), Make, Model, Year, and Features. 
  2. Enter your car details (it takes about 2 minutes), including how buyers can contact you.
  3. Choose a package, from free, 99AED or 250AED depending on how fast you want to sell your car. We’ll then create an account called ‘My Garage’ for you. Plus, you don’t need to remember any passwords, you just need to sign in via an OTP

An alternative way is to skip all of the above and choose a VIP HOME package at 250AED. Dubi Cars will then take all the photos, write the description, and take a video, including 360-degree interior and exterior photos. Simple as!

6. The money part 

After the sale has been agreed upon with a buyer, one of next, probably the most important step is sorting out all finances. 

As a seller, you must clear any and all outstanding finance you may have on the car before transferring ownership, and then agree with the buyer on the payment method before transferring ownership.  

The transaction between buyer and seller can happen in multiple ways:

  • A banker’s cheque – important to note this should be a banker’s cheque, as it’s as good as cash,  and not a normal cheque, which can bounce.
  • Cash payment – This transaction can be done in the RTA office, or if you want added security you can meet at your bank and they’ll be happy to facilitate. 
  • Bank transfer – As good as cash, transferring bank to bank. 

We would strongly recommend the transfer of funds is done before the ownership transfer, although this means the buyer will need to have the trust in you, the seller. But, never transfer ownership until you’ve been paid.

7. Finalise the deal 

Once all the financial payments have been sorted, the next step is to visit an authorised RTA location to finalise all the paperwork. The RTA have listed out the full process and locations to make it easier to transfer ownership of your car, which can be viewed here. 

Note – If you’re in Dubai and the car is older than 3 years, you’ll also need to do a vehicle inspection test at the nearest inspection service centre. These are typically located next to the RTA centres. 

The last, potentially most expensive point – You’ll also need to clear all outstanding fines before the sale can be approved! 

Buying and selling cars is an exciting time, but can also cause many headaches. At Dubi Cars, our aim is to help remove any hassle – getting you the best value for your car, the most amount of prospective buyers, and a trusted place so you know on every level, what you see is what you’ll get. 

If these tips don’t give you all the info you’re looking for, you can read the full process of selling your car, here.

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