RTA’s Strategic Plan 2024-2030 Announced

The Dubai Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has released its updated Strategic Plan for 2024-2030, aiming to transform Dubai into the world’s best city for living. This ambitious plan aligns with Dubai Urban Plan 2040 and focuses on five key goals.

Integrated and Innovative Mobility

RTA’s vision focuses on a 20-minute city concept, ensuring 80% of daily services are within a 20-minute walk or cycle. The plan emphasizes accessibility, multi-modal integration, and smart mobility solutions for a more connected and convenient urban living experience.

Future-Proof Organisation

Under the “Future Proof Organisation” goal, RTA aims to attract, retain, and develop talent. The plan stresses effective partnerships, R&D capabilities, and flexible technological infrastructure, positioning RTA as a leading, future-ready entity.

Zero-Emissions Public Transportation

rta public transport

RTA unveils a groundbreaking strategy to make Dubai the first Middle Eastern entity with a Net-Zero Emission Public Transport plan. The strategy aims to convert all taxis and limousines to electric and hydrogen vehicles by 2040 and the entire bus fleet to sustainable options by 2050, targeting a 42.5% sustainable transportation share by 2030.

Health, Safety, and Security

The plan prioritizes transportation safety, asset security, corporate security, and occupational health, ensuring the well-being of passengers and staff.

Customer Happiness

RTA’s customer-centric approach involves understanding needs, trends and proactively creating innovative services to enhance the transportation experience.

RTA Self-Driving Transport Initiatives

self drive taxi

RTA envisions a future embracing integrated mobility solutions, real-time systems, and self-driving transport. Plans include operating self-driving Chevrolet Bolt autonomous electric vehicles, positioning Dubai as the first city to use American Cruise self-driving vehicles outside the USA.

In the words of Mattar Al Tayer, “RTA’s future entails studying and deploying integrated and soft mobility solutions, along with self-driving transport.” As RTA propels towards its vision, the Strategic Plan 2024-2030 signifies a commitment to pioneering services, economic development, and the well-being of Dubai’s residents and visitors, positioning RTA as a global leader in the evolving landscape of roads and transport.

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