2018 Lexus LX570 Superior leaked

2018 Lexus LX570 Superior

Apparently, Lexus is working diligently on next year’s LX570. They are also said to be working on a new trim level for the Middle Eastern favourite simply known as the 2018 Lexus LX570 Superior.

So what’s new? First and foremost, for 2018, the LX570 will undertake a minor refresh. As for the kit itself, Lexus adds a new front and rear bumpers, larger wheels bolted to each corner, indented side steps and a menacing front grille finished in black.

Inside, the 2018 Lexus LX570 Superior will not only be fully loaded as standard models are, but they will also feature aluminium pedals and a new interior palette consisting of red with black highlights.

We’re not expecting any additions regarding power leaving the massive 5.7-litre V8 to push out 372 horsepower.

As the pictures have leaked online, it’s unclear when the Superior version will make its grand debut, but it is said to be made available in the GCC and Russia. No price point has been confirmed either, don’t expect it to be cheap.

With out a doubt, streets of the UAE will be flooded with 2018 Lexus LX570 Superior models upon launch.

The leak is courtesy of hamad1two3 who if you remember leaked pictures of the new Toyota Land Cruiser and LX570 and turned out to absolutely bang on with them. It’s hard not to assume these photos are legit, but we are still waiting on the authenticity of the 2018 Toyota Prado leak from a few weeks ago.

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