2018 Range Rover Autobiography debuts in the Middle East

Looking for the ultimate luxury SUV? Look no further as the 2018 Range Rover Autobiography long wheelbase has all that you need and more.

We’ve already covered the impressive exterior improvements including the Pixel-Laser LED headlights, sleek new front grille and enlarged rear LED lights. Now with the model revealed for the first time in the UAE, we’ve been provided with new information.

Inside the 2018 Range Rover Autobiography

Jaguar Land Rover has gone to great lengths to further improve the vehicles already luxurious interior. Both front seats are equipped with 24-way power modes while the rear cabin space has been completely redesigned. The wider, softer seats now recline by up to 40 degrees. This increases legroom by 168 mm and can be operated with a touch of a button or a smartphone application.

Also present is an increase of connection ports. 17 to be exact. These vary from USB, HDMI, domestic plug sockets and 12-volt outlets. 4G wi-fi is also available and allows up to eight devices to be connected at any given time.

The central column now prominently features not one but two touchscreen systems. The top one is for navigation and connectivity options whereas the second screen displays what drive mode the vehicle is currently in, climate control settings and more.

All of this can be accessed via the new touch-sensitive control units elegantly integrated into the plush leather-wrapped steering wheel.

Key highlights of the enhanced SUV include gesture sunblind which can be operated by one’s hand to open and close the sunblinds, merely wave your hand in front of the rearview mirror and let the vehicle do the rest.

Air Cabin Ionisation ensures all occupants are surrounded by clean air enriched by nano-sized charged water particles while the all-new activity key allows owners to securely unlock and lock their 2018 Range Rover Autobiography without the need of a traditional key.

2018 Range Rover Autobiography models are available to order now and deliveries are expected to commence later this year.

Currently on display at the Dubai International Motor Show, the ultra-luxury SUV is just one of many vehicles perfectly suited for the Middle East.

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