2020 GAC Ramadan Offers

2020 GAC Ramadan Car Deals

This Ramadan, GAC Motors are is not just offering amazing deals for ramadan, they are also throwing in some benefits to help protect you and your family from the Corona Virus.

What are the 2020 GAC Ramadan Deals?

When buying a new GAC vehicle this Ramadan, customers can enjoy up to 6-months deferred payments, 5-years/150,000km warranty, 2-year/40,000km service package, free registration and free insurance.

On top of that, GAC Motors and Gargash are offering free N95 AC filter and free Ozone sanitization to fend off Covid-19.

There is also mention of other benefits.

What cars are eligible

  • GAC GA8
  • GAC GS3
  • GAC GS4
  • GAC GS8

Contact GAC

You can contact GAC Motors via their website or by calling +9714 381 1900.

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