Abu Dhabi Toll to be free for all until Jan 1st 2020

Abu Dhabi toll gate

Last month, the Abu Dhabi Department of Transport announced Abu Dhabi residents will have to pay a toll when passing under certain bridges. The initial date of operation was set for the 15th of October of 2019.

However, that date has now been and gone. Toll gates have been setup and are operational, but are not charging those travelling underneath any fee due to a technical issue.

According to the Gulf News, AD residents have yet to receive their login details.

As per the Department of Transport AD, residents in Abu Dhabi with vehicles registered in the capital will automatically be enrolled in the system. Vehicle owners will receive their login information via an SMS on their registered mobile number.

Residents not living in the Emirate that are trying to register their vehicle have a similar problem according to the local press.

Abu Dhabi Toll to go live in 2020

From the 1st of Jan 2020, anyone passing underneath the capitals tollgate will pay AED 4 per trip and AED 2 during off-peak hours.

Senior citizens, disabled, people in low-income groups and retirees are exempt from paying the fee.

Monthly caps are also applicable with AED 200 for the first car, AED 150 for the second and AED 100 for any additional vehicles.

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