Dubai Police drones to start monitoring traffic

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To further enhance the safety and security of motorists in and around the city of Dubai, Dubai Police have started to use aerial drones.

Said drones used by Dubai Police are linked directly to the police operations room and are capable of broadcasting live images and videos of traffic jams via 4G technology.

“Drones can transmit a clear image of the traffic directly to the control room and give alert in case of any traffic jams or accidents, directing the people to take alternative roads to reduce congestion,” explained a police official. “Drones can be used in several security and technical situations and disasters,” the official added.

They are also capable of capturing thermal imagery and allows Dubai Civil Defense and Dubai Police to formulate a quick plan of action in case of a rescue mission and/or an emergency.

Since 2008, Dubai police have been using live-broadcast technology in their patrols, and in 2012, Dubai Police added 3G technology to their motorcycle patrols.

Have you spotted Dubai Police drones hovering over Dubai’s Roads yet?

Are there manned Dubai Police drones?

Late last year, Dubai Police also started testing a hoverbike which made headlines across the world. A cross between a drone and a motorcycle, it can be controlled remotely or a rather brave police officer can control it.

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