How to add value to your car with smart upgrades

Like a can of pringles, once you pop, you can’t stop. You might have your dream car, but it’s upgrades that make your car a home and local Dubai experts in car customization, Car Planet have shared these top tips for upgrade trends. Upgrading is as simple as getting in touch with upgrade experts for an initial consultation and going from there. But first, you need to understand which upgrades add monetary value, which can add entertainment value, which are safe and which are simply slick.

How can upgrades add value to your car?

A representative from Car Planet told DubiCars that upgrades add value to your car, but of course, it depends on a customer’s needs. The most common upgrade is the ‘infotainment upgrade’, which features the popular Apple/Android CarPlay addition. “This feature helps to get Google/Waze maps on your screen”.

Audio adjustments are also extremely popular. Dubai residents are fans of top-of-the-line Italian equipment with quality assured thanks to an installation process by factory-trained technicians. Audio and entertainment upgrades will add value to your car, or they can be removed and placed in a different car when you’re ready to sell.

Headrest monitors, starlights, TVs rooftop monitors and sensor cameras in multiple formats are some of the other common upgrades enjoyed by UAE drivers.

The most common upgrades for UAE drivers?

  1. Audio & video
  2. Infotainment
  3. Interior upgrades.
  4. Safety (sensors and camera)

Flashy upgrades loved by Dubai drivers?

  1. Offroad vehicle Audio upgrade (Jeep wrangler, Buggies, Nissan patrol Safari, FJ etc.)
  2. Apple car play installation
  3. Audio upgrade
  4. Viano partition

What safety upgrades should drivers consider?

Infotainment upgrades, “especially Apple CarPlay/android” are actually useful safety features. They prevent accidents as drivers are less inclined to check their phones if the monitor displays the information they need. Drivers are less likely to miss exits or lose control thanks to these upgrades.

Benefits of Apple CarPlay

Most drivers will pop their phone on the dashboard, and drive on. But when a call comes through, your attention is diverted, and that’s when accidents happen.

Using apps like Apple CarPlay is a smarter, safer way to use apps like Maps when you drive. It’s the ultimate co-pilot and you use Siri, touch, or vehicle controls to use your phone safely while driving. Your favourite navigation app, calendar, music and more can be featured and you also make calls directly from the touch screen. Additionally, you can add apps like YouTube or Netflix to keep your passengers entertained.

Audio upgrades: The need to know

Audio upgrades can be done in multiple ways, from a basic update if your sound system is damaged, to audio equipment that would give Glastonbury (read: HUGE UK music festival) a run for its money. And it starts from 1,700 AED.

You can change the stock speaker to better quality speakers with better Root Mean Square (RMS), this is called a basic upgrade and takes two hours. You can do this on a limited budget, but the audio quality won’t see a major improvement. Mostly, people choose this upgrade if their current speakers have been damaged.

For mid-level upgrades, consumers can choose additional amplifiers or speakers with improved RMS. Adding amplifiers, cables, subwoofers and soundproofing to a vehicle is a premium audio upgrade option and takes one day, according to Car Planet.

For the titan of audio upgrades, featuring top-of-the-line products and a 360-degree update, audio quality can be further improved by fine-tuning the processor. This can take a week to finalize.

Notes. To ensure your warranty isn’t affected, check that your dealer is using approved manufacturers. Your steering wheel buttons will not be affected by the upgrades, and they’ll still work as normal. Phew!

There’s no shortage of upgrade options, depending on your budget and your needs. Check with the experts before you make any permanent changes, and consider the value you might add to your car in future. It’s an investment, folks!

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