How to take the best shots of your car to get a sale

So, you’re planning to sell your car, you’re at your desk, you’re on DubiCars, ready to start your ad but you realize you missed the most important thing… taking the photos!

No matter how great your car is on paper, it’ll not attract people without good quality photos that show your car in the best light.

So, here are the tips to take the perfect shot of your car so you can place its ad.

  1. Get it washed

It might seem like an obvious tip but it’s something people miss and it ends up ruining the whole photo session. It’s absolutely vital to have the car washed inside and out and decluttered. People want to visualize themselves in the car so your belongings will detract from that a little bit.

  1. Lighting and location

There’s no way you can take photos in a professional studio and you don’t have to! Just park it somewhere with nature around it and under sunlight. Be careful as shadows can make the car seem dirty or dented.

  1. Take a lot of shots 

To stay on the safe side of things, take as many shots as you possibly can so you have a variety of photos to choose from.

  1. Get all the angles

Go up high and go down really low, but make sure you get that perfect money shot! The used car market is a competitive one so if you really want to stand out, show your car from every angle so customers will see that it’s in perfect condition!

  1. Capture the unique features

If you find that your car has a unique feature, be sure to capture it! Showcasing how your car is different from others in the market, will help your ad stand out. Consider the leather seating, the high-tech system, or how spacious the trunk is.

6. Editing

You don’t need to hire a professional photographer to take or edit your photos. There are so many photo editing apps that are simple to use. If you don’t know what adjustments look good, consider using a pre-set filter.

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