How to export a car out of the UAE

In our last how-to guide we covered how to import a car into the UAE, but what about the other way round? Whether it’s a GCC country or 8,000 miles away, we’re here to help you out once again with a simple guide on how to export a vehicle out of the UAE. If you’re buying a car through a dealer, they will know the exact procedure for exporting and can help you source a shipping company or recovery vehicle.

If you already own the vehicle, first of all, it’s necessary to have the Roads and Transport Authority check the vehicle to make sure its road legal and safe to drive. Once they are happy with what they see, an export certificate and export plates will be given. Both of these are necessary for exporting the vehicle.

Paperwork and equipment required for shipping to any country unless stated otherwise:

  • Police paper about the vehicle.
  • Vehicle Clearance Certificate.
  • Insurance documents.
  • Passport (copies are a must).
  • Visa in the UAE.
  • Visa in the country you are shipping to (unless a citizen of that country).
  • Destination address with at least two working contact numbers.
  • Bill of shipping and landing. Applicable for sea and air transportation only. May be required for recovery truck delivery.

The RTA has eased the process as customers looking to obtain an export certificate can now do so online as well as via service providers and via the phone.

Documents for registration via an online portal for individuals

  • Vehicle’s documents: Vehicle Clearance Certificate (VCC) or transfer certificate or possession certificate or ownership certificate or possession transfer certificate.
  • Orignal Emirates ID.
  • Vehicle technical inspection )in case of an expired license or non-licensed vehicle.

Exporting a new car into GCC countries, the customer must pay a duty fee (5% of the value of the car in GCC countries).

Exporting a used car into GCC countries there is no 5% duty fee to pay.

Exporting cars to non-GCC countries have different duty fees to pay and can vary from the size of the vehicle to what engine is under the bonnet.

If you’re exporting a car to Europe or any other part of the world not mentioned, check with the RTA and local authorities in the respected country beforehand.

A residency visa in the UAE is not required to export a car out of the UAE, you can export a vehicle with only a tourist visa.

Shipping methods

As for moving your vehicle from country to country, there are few options to choose from:

  • Sea: Cheapest option and preferred by most will be delivered to the nearest port of choice. Can be done via container or Roll On Roll Off (RoRo) ship.
  • Air: Vehicles are strapped down in order not to shuffle around while being flown to its destination. Safest and fastest way to do it, but most expensive.
  • Land 1: Recovery vehicles or trucks can move your vehicle from country to country if borders are easy to cross
  • Land 2: You can drive the vehicle yourself. Recommended for GCC countries such as Oman and Saudi Arabia, not recommended for the US or the UK.

Shipping by sea or air, it’s best to get insurance for the vehicle incase of any problems.

If you choose to use a recovery vehicle for delivery, it’s mandatory to inform the RTA of which company you are using, and a representative of that company must be present at the border crossing.

As driving the vehicle to a nearby country such as Saudi Arabia, Bahrain or Oman is an option; the journey must be done within 14 days of receiving export plates from the RTA. Make note, the vehicle must be insured, and you must be a resident of one of those countries.

Note, if you are shipping out of any port in the UAE a passport copy of the owner is required to enter the port.

Bear in mind that every country has their own separate rules for importing and depending on the location alterations may have to be made, for example, if you export a vehicle to the United States bumpers, daytime running lights and headlights have to be modified, to comply with road rules.

Below are certain regulations you’ll have to note before exporting

Exporting to Saudi Arabia

  • No vehicle over five years can be imported.
  • The vehicle must not have been used as a taxi or police car.
  • Steering wheel must be mounted on the left-hand side. If the vehicle was originally right-hand drive and converted to the left, it is not allowed into Saudi Arabia.
  • Importing a 4X4, the customer must prove that their family lives in Saudi Arabia.
  • Vehicles with more than five seats are classified as commercial vehicles and can only be registered by a company, not an individual.
  • Accident vehicles are not allowed either.

Exporting to Oman

  • Vehicle must not be older than seven years.
  • Steering wheel must be on the left-hand side of the vehicle.
  • Omani nationals can import unlimited vehicles, non-Omani nationals over the age of 18 can import only one vehicle for private use.

Exporting to Bahrain

  • Vehicle must be no older than five years.
  • Left-hand drive vehicles only.

Exporting to Iran

  • Export papers registered in the costumer’s name
  • Valid ID of the vehicle
  • RTA approval paper

Cars older than five years are not permitted to be imported, rear fog lamps or “Michigan lights” must be fitted.

Shipping to Iran is done via sea; shipping can take between three to four days depending on which port. Getting the vehicle to the shipping company in Dubai can be done in two ways, the first is to organise a recovery vehicle to pick up the car which costs 150 AED. They will take it to the shipping company, one of their staff take care of the rest. The second option is to deliver said car to the shipping company; this option requires the customer to have insurance and export plates provided by the RTA.

Exporting to America

  • Vehicles must meet U.S Air pollution control standards, safety standards and bumper standards.
  • Cars no older than 25 years can be imported unless prior approval has been granted
  • Duty tax depends on the vehicle being imported: autos – 2.5%, trucks – 25% and motorcycles – 3 or 3.4%. This is based on the payable price or price paid for the vehicle.
  • Cars and trucks must be left-hand drive.

Importers must fill out a Department Of Transportation (DOT) HS-7 form at the point of entry to ensure the vehicle complies with all US road rules.

The emission test cost $1,000, and certain vehicles are exempt from it: racing cars, classic automobiles built before January 1st 1968, vehicles with no engine and unregulated fuel vehicles.

Any vehicle being imported into the States must meet bumper standards. This includes classic’s before September 1st of November. Foreign registration documents are a must if the vehicle is used. U.S customs must be informed of the expected arrival date.

Make sure the vehicle being imported is clean including the undercarriage as no foreign soil is allowed, this is a safeguard to ensure no pests or other harmful contaminants make their way into the country. The vehicle must not be used to import any other objects. Vehicles with a larger fuel consumption of 22.5 miles to the gallon will incur a “gas-guzzling” tax.

More information can be found here.

Exporting to Great Britain

  • Even though the UK drives on the right-hand-side, left-hand drive vehicles can be legally driven on the roads.
  • Vehicles must conform with environmental and safety laws of the country. Some exceptions are permitted but will have to be approved first.
  • If said vehicle is over ten years old,  Drivers and License Agency in the United Kingdom must be informed beforehand for approval.

Before shipping off your vehicle, HM Revenue and Customs must be notified within 14 days of the vehicle’s arrival. An International Vehicle Approval will have to be conducted as well.

After arrival, owners must pay VAT, duty or tax on the vehicle before it’s released from the authorities. Once paid, vehicles must be registered and taxed.

If you are temporarily staying in the United Kingdom, you don’t have to get the vehicle registered or taxed unless you’re planning on staying for more than six months. For example, you can stay for a full six months in one go or individual shorter stays that equate to a six-month time period within a 12 month period. Vehicle must be registered in their country of origin. More information can be found here.



  1. Simpson Kallen Moru
    January 2, 2020 at 4:27 pm


    I’m in Papua New Guinea and wanted to bought a Toyota Land Cruiser Dual Cab 79 series.
    Can you help me on how to import to Papua New Guinea shore?

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    I want to know is it true if you want export cars from uae to africa you have to export at least 5 cars per export?
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  4. Pasquale Clement Batali
    November 14, 2019 at 12:37 am

    I am a South Sudanese living in Juba. I want to go to the UAE to buy Toyota Fortuner 2020 for import to South Sudan.
    How much in taxes shall I pay?
    Please kindly reply me .

    Hon. Pasquale Clement Batali
    South sudan Juba.

  5. Some cars are labelled “not for export” why not?
    What is with theese cars? Is it possible to change the cars to get exported anyway?

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author October 31, 2019 at 12:55 pm

      Hi, this is how the seller has listed them. It may be possible to export a vehicle, you’ll need to get in contact with the seller about this.

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    If there is any difficulty in exporting the vehicle based on Business visa , can someone in the UAE export my vehicle to Qatar ( on behalf of me ) after 3 months , based on valid employment visa of Qatar. This is mainly to understand whether I need a valid visa in the UAE or not for exporting my vehicle?

    Please give your response to my email too . You early response will be highly appreciated.

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  14. Hi, what means “export only”? What is the reason for that? Does it mean that the cars labelled “export only” are not safe enough to be driven in Dubai? Or any other reason? Many thanks.

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author September 2, 2019 at 9:48 am

      Hi Vovitch, Export Only means the car can’t be driven in the UAE due to its steering not being on the correct side or it doesn’t conform to certain rules.

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    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author March 26, 2019 at 9:20 am

      Hi Abdullah, cars that are also tagged “can be exported” can be shipped to Egypt as well. Which car are you interested in purchasing?

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    Very nice article with useful information!
    I am a German UAE resident, leaving the UAE in March/April.
    I have a 2014 Jeep Wrangler UL which I intend to export to Germany.
    The point about this is: I want to take it on a long road trip and drive it up there myself. I’ve looked into 2 different routes:
    a) UAE – Saudi – Jordan – …. Ferry to Greece – etc…
    b) UAE – Iran – Turkey – Georgia … Ferry to Bulgaria – etc…
    The trip (around 6,500 total driven kilometers) would take me an estimated good three weeks..

    The questions:
    • How does the export procedure work in this case?
    • How long are the export plates valid for?
    • Are there insurance companies that would cover the whole trip?
    • Do I need a so-called “Carnet de Passage”?
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    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author January 9, 2019 at 8:07 am

      We’d advise you contact the dealer regarding this matter. You can find left-hand drive Hilux for sale here and right-hand drive for sale here

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    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author January 6, 2019 at 2:54 pm

      Hi Folahan, if you’ve found the car you want to export on the site, we suggest you get in contact with them directly as they can either aid you with the process or find a company that can help you further.

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author January 6, 2019 at 3:00 pm

      Hi Dawit, Dubicars recommends if you’ve found the car you looking for on Dubicars click the call or email button to get in contact with the dealer directly.

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    • It’s very difficult for us to get that information for every car we advertise, but if you found a car you’re interested in at you can call the seller and ask those specs.

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    • Export Only on our ads on means that car cannot be registered in the UAE and we don’t know if it can be registered in KSA. The prices are up to the dealer to add VAT on without VAT. Please keep the communication with the car seller.

  36. Samuel Annoh Boadu
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  44. Hello,
    My name is Isaac from California. We are wholesale vehicle providers. Our network of dealers is about 30k in the United States. If your looking for large inventory of vehicles we can easily provide this along with shipping partners in the same business. All our vehicles are certified clean vehicles. No salvages no accidents no frame damages. We have the expertise, tools and 30 plus years of experience in the car business. If you can’t find the vehicle your looking for chances are we can locate it though our wholesale network. We also have network of banks that we purchase our vehicles from. Feel free to contact us if we can assist you in your global trade.

    Regards Isaac.

  45. Very good article. Many thanks! But nobody named exporting cars from uae to sweden.
    I usually visit dubai as a tourist. Can i export a car to Sweden with my tourist visa? Will i payed tax and vat in dubai or only in Sweden? We have 34% vat on imported cars in Sweden

    Can u please recommend some shipping companys that we can trust and found price information in there websites?

    Love from sweden

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author May 13, 2018 at 8:43 am

      Hi Alok, is just an advertising portal for new and used cars for sale in the United Arab Emirates. It’s best to get in contact with the shipping company in order to export vehicles to Lao PDR.

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  49. Dear Chris,
    I am resident of UAE. One Oman based company wants to buy my UAER registration car. I own Toyota Camry 2010 model. I do not have Oman resident permit. I have Investor visa in UAE. Car is registered in Fujairah, UAE. I am now in Oman on visit visa. I want to go to Abudhabi by road via Buraimi border in my car. I want to change the plate to export plate at Abudhabi RTA and drive myself top Muscat via Al Ain and Buraimi border. Is this possible? I have booth UAE complete nsurance and also covering Oman but excluding 3rd party insurance in Oman. Can I drive down with export plate to Muscat without holding Oman resident visa. Also I wamnt to know whether 7 years will be calculated from the date of registration or the year 2010? Please help by replying this ASAP. Your immediate response is highly appreciated as I plan to go to Abudhabi with my UAE registered car coming Friday so that I can complete bringing car before Dec 2017 (before completion of 7 years). Thank you & Kind REgards, Vasu

  50. Hi,

    Thanks for this article, I think Iran’s requirements has changed since the time this article’s been written. Do you know anything about new rules to export a car to Iran? Can it be done remotely? That is without being present in the source country.

  51. Used Lexus LX570 2015 still clean cost 8,000 Oman Rial

    Serious buyer should contact.

    Email address: [Masked]
    Whatsapp CHAT or Call: [Masked]

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    I want to send my car which I used in Abu Dhabi to India. Age of the car is 9 years. I would like to know about any agency in Abu Dhabi which can help me in doing this. Please help me on this as I am going to India on a permanent basis.

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  54. Guys, does anyone know how long the Dubai Export registration is valid AFTER the car has left UAE? Is there any possibility NOT to cancel the Dubai registration, but keep these valid (and Dubai license plates in the car) even if the car is shipped to Europe? I do understand that registration RENEWAL every year would be problematic (impossible?) when the car physically would no longer be in the UAE, but in Europe, but that would be a lesser problem than driving with the blue ‘export’. plates – with a short validity.
    I’m asking because as a UAE resident, I would be allowed to drive the car for 6 months per year in my home country (Finland), without paying for taxes/duties, as long as the car remains in registration in Dubai.

  55. Is there an equivalent document to the COC (Certificate of Conformity) that Europe or USA use? I would need this kind of documentation for a UAE spec vehicle or it’s equivalent.

    • Hi Marcus, have you got the equivalent document of COC? We had exported a car from Dubai to Philippines and cannot get through Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

      Hope you have the time to response.


  56. Hello, I want to export used truck from UAE to Maldives. Is it possible? And form where I can get the relevant information regarding this? I’ve seen in among the required documents, UAE visa. I’ll be there as a tourist, is tourist visa ok or the owner has to export the vehicle for the buyer? It would be very helpful if you could help me to get this information.

    • A lot of tourists come to UAE and ship cars from here to their country and the best way to do that if you don’t have residency visa is to use the help of a shipping company they will make the process of shipping the car from UAE much easier and hassle free.

      • Hristiyana Petrova
        August 6, 2018 at 6:24 pm

        I would like to ask what is the cost of the shipping company to handle the proces ,we need to ship by see the car to Bulgaria,port Varna or Burgas


  57. I want to export my car to the Republic of Moldova, could you help me with some info regarding export to this country, and What taxes apply, as well how many cars I am able to send?

    • Hi Tina, if you’re a resident or a tourist in the UAE we suggest you to consult a local shipping company they can help you better. In this post we tried to explain the documents needed to export a car out of UAE regardless of the destination country.

      • Hello please can you recommend a reliable shipping company who can handle shipping documentations and procedures to ship car from dubai to Cameroon. Im planning on buying a landcruiser V8 here on
        Best regards

  58. Hi, i live in Qatar I want to export my land cruiser 2016 to Pakistan. Kindly tell me the customs tax rate. Awaiting answer thanks.

    • Hi Ahmed, we cannot estimate the costs of shipping a car to your country, we recommend you to consult a specialised shipping company instead.

  59. Hi Chris, I couldnt see a contact number on here so hope you can help. We have Jeep Wrangler that is 3 years old we want to export to France from Dubai and not sure how we can check and what it will cost. Please drop me an email or reply

  60. Hello, I’m planning to visit Dubai to buy cars to Africa. Thanks for the useful info but which dealers can you recomend me to deal with as I only have a tourist visa and what to do if I buy a car form an individual seller
    Many thanks again.

  61. Hi, I am looking to export a couple of SUVs from U.A.E. to Ukraine.
    The local Ukrainian customs specify that Euro 5 emission is a must on all new car imports.
    Are the GCC cars Euro 5 emission compatible? If not, how easy it is to convert the car into euro 5 emission standards?
    Thanks a bunch.

  62. Hi,
    I am resident of UAE but I am moving to Saudi in Jan, 2017. I want to take my 4×4 ford Explorer (7seats) to Saudi but I am reading in your article that cars with these characteristics may not be allowed to be imported in Saudi. In Saudi Customs website they don’t mention the issue of the 7 seats (please see this link: ) so I would like to know how certain you are with this information and if you have had experience as I can assume this clause as may not be updated in customs web page.
    Appreciate your support and Thanks in Advance.

  63. Nice article..good information. I would like to purchase and export Audi q7 2014 model from Saudi arabia to republic of panama. Had couple of questions like the export charges incurred, documentation required, is it really very difficult to export? Does your company offer this kind of services? Awaiting reply. THanks in advance.


    • Dear Asim! Unfortunately, Dubicars can’t help you in exporting your car. We have some general information about exporting a car from Saudi Arabia, some documents required are (Authorization letter from you to the shipping company – Your passport copy – Car clearance you can get from the transport authority in KSA – Around 250 Saudi Riyals customs fees + the shipping fees depends on the company you chose) We advise you get in contact with a specialised shipping company in Saudi or Panama to get more detailed information.

  64. Hello Dear,
    Thanks for the article… very informative.
    I’m looking at exporting my GCC spec car to PAKISTAN.
    My car is Toyota Fortuner(2.7)2014.
    So could you brief me.

  65. Hi,
    Thanks for the article… very informative.
    I’m looking at exporting my GCC spec car to France early next year and have been told that I must obtain a Certificate of Conformity from the manufacturer (Toyota in my case) in order to register it. This CoC must be applicable to my car and as such needs to be issued in the UAE, however, the Toyota dealer seems unwilling or unable to assist with this piece of paper. Any advice on obtaining this document, as I’m sure it’s a valid issue for many people wanting to export a car from the UAE?

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author October 19, 2016 at 6:27 pm

      Hi Chris, from 1% to 15% of the cars value has to be paid and 20% VAT has to as well. This may not always be the case but that is what we have been quoted. Double check with the Dubai Ports Authority for detailed and exact information.

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author October 16, 2016 at 10:09 am

      Hi Vineesh, it depends on the age and what kind of vehicle it is usually it’s 5%. You also have to pay for export plates which are AED 170 and insurance for the vehicle which is AED 100.

  66. hi, i’m french and already thanks for all these explications.

    i have a question … how can i import to France, used cars from Dubai or UAE?

    it’s so complicated like a lot of people tell? company are in Dubai actually and do it for export of used cars?

    thanks for your return



    • Hello Yann, all of our dealers will help you in shipping your car to France. You just have to find your car on our website then contact the seller using the call or email buttons on the car page to connect with the dealer and ask him more the shipping process.

  67. hi, i’m french and alreday thanks for all these explications.

    i have a question like many others… how can i import to France, used cars from Dubai or UAE?

    it’s so complicated like a lot of people tell? company are in Dubai actually and do it for export of used cars?

    thanks for your return



    • Hello Yann, all of our dealers will help you in shipping your car to France. You just have to find your car on our website then contact the seller using the call or email buttons on the car page to connect with the dealer and ask him more the shipping process.

  68. Thabsheer Basheer
    October 9, 2016 at 1:41 am

    I want to import used car from dubai to oman. What are the insurance procedures and from where should i take the insurance. Is it from the border or from dubai itself.

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author October 9, 2016 at 11:54 am

      Hi Thabsheer, it’s probably best to get the Insurance while in Dubai. In order to process the papers, you’ll need your passport and ID copy, proof of ownership (registration card) and the payment. Depending on what company you use, the prices can be higher. I just got mine done for third party insurance, and it cost around AED 1,000 for the whole thing.

      Alternatively, you can get it done at the border but I’m are of certain rumours floating around saying this is no longer advisable.

  69. I want import a car nissan altima 2014 model to bahrain from uae. I have resident permit of bahrain can u tell how much duty i have to pay ?
    Can i bring the car by road by myself?

  70. Hi. Very useful information on your site.

    I wonder Why are used car prices lesser in Dubai than anywhere else in the GCC. I live and work in Saudi and am interested to buy a Ford Mustang 2016 from Dubai. Are there any sellers who can take care of all the export and import paper work and send the car to dammam?

    Sellers link removed.


    • Hello Mohammed, car prices in Dubai are cheaper than other countries in GCC because UAE has very low customs when importing cars (only 5%) hence the low car prices. You can find brand new Ford Mustang for sale in the link you can contact any of our dealers and they will assist you in the shipping procedure.

    • Nihad Edris ahmed
      April 16, 2018 at 8:24 pm

      Hi am from iraq and i have British sitizen and british driver license and can i buy car from dubai and export to iraq

      • Nihad, usually car dealers in the UAE help their customers in this matter of exporting the car to any country, so visiting the UAE and the dealerships in here would definitely help.

  71. I want to know how i can export my car (volvo x90) to Spain. I am relocating back to Spain and i have been trying to find the right information to do this. Appreciate any help provided

    • Christopher Milbourne
      Author August 18, 2016 at 6:31 pm

      Hi Patrick, yes you can export your car to Spain, Get in contact with an exporting company and they can guide you through the steps. Alternatively, the company you are using to relocate your personal belongings should be able to aid you as well.

  72. You have very useful information on this page. However I would like to share a company I used to import my car from Qatar to UAE. These guys are professional in their work. Their manager name is Eran and his phone number is 0502045208. Company is called Mesar car shipping.


  74. Its a really good information in your post.

    I want to ask you I have Honda Civic 2011 model car, want to export from dubai to Oman so how much duty I will have to pay????

    Appreciate if you can reply speedy.


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