Jetour Dashing — Top Things To Know About The Affordable Sporty SUV

Jetour, a well-known Chinese car brand offers a host of SUVs in its line-up in the UAE. This includes the very popular, stylish and affordable compact SUV, the Dashing. Here is a list of top features to know if you are planning to buy the Jetour Dashing in the UAE.

Borderless Air Intake Grille

This grille stretches across the front of the car without a visible frame, creating a smooth, unified look.

Fastback Roof Feature

This sloping roofline towards the rear isn’t just for looks. It gives the Dashing a sleeker profile and potentially improves aerodynamics for better performance and fuel efficiency.

Alloy Wheels

The large 20-inch dual-tone alloy wheels look bold and add to the overall sporty design of the Dashing. 

Flush Door Handle

The door handles sit flush with the body panel and pop out electronically for a seamless modern look.

Headlamps & DRLs

The Dashing features sleek DRLs placed right below the bonnet and a quad-setup compact LED headlight placed on the bumper.

jetour dashing top things to know

Arrow-shaped Rear Taillamps

These taillights are designed in the shape of arrows and are wrapped around extending to the side profile of the SUV.

Fidget Spinner-type Keyfob

The unique key fob is designed to mimic a fidget spinner toy. The square shape, rounded corners and a place to hold it in the middle make it a true joy.

15.6-inch Infotainment

The large 15.6-inch touchscreen controls the entertainment, navigation, and climate functions of the SUV. It also allows the cabin to be clutter-free with fewer buttons on the dashboard.

LCD Instrument Cluster

The instrument cluster is an 8-inch LCD panel offering a customizable view of essential driving information.

Heads-Up Display

Important information like speed and navigation is projected onto the windshield for improved focus on the road.

External Temperature & Air Quality Display On Door

A small display seamlessly integrated into the design on the door panel shows outside temperature and air quality.

Sony 8-Speaker Audio

The 8-speaker audio system from Sony offers a true surround-sound experience inside the Dashing.

Powered & Ventilated Front Seats

The driver and front passenger get power-adjustable seats with ventilation for added comfort.

Wireless Phone Charger

A wireless charging pad eliminates the need for cables to keep your phone powered.

jetour dashing top things to know

Panoramic Sunroof & Ambient Lights

The panoramic sunroof provides a spacious feel, while ambient lighting allows for customisation of the interior mood.

Interior & Exterior Colour Options

Jetour offers a total of 8 exterior and 2 interior colour options on the Dashing SUV.

8 Airbags

The Dashing features front and side airbags for the driver and co-driver. Additionally, there is a curtain-style airbag on either side. 

Level 2 ADAS

Following the current trend, the Dashing is equipped with Level 2 Advanced Driver Assistance Systems making it safer and easier to drive. There are over 20 ADAS functions on the SUV.

Transparent Bonnet

The real-time projection system creates a transparent view of the road directly beneath the bonnet and is displayed on the screen. This can enhance visibility for low-speed manoeuvring or off-road driving.

Engine & Gearbox

The Dashing is powered by a 1.6-litre turbo petrol engine with power set to the front wheels via a 7-speed DCT gearbox.


Capacity1.6-litre Turbo-Petrol
Max Power195hp
Peak Torque290Nm
Top-Speed8.5 seconds
Acceleration190 km/h
Gearbox7-speed DCT
jetour dashing top things to know

Warranty & Service

The Jetour Dashing features an impressive 10-year/1 Million KM warranty as standard. Additionally, the SUV’s service is taken care of for up to 3 years or 40,000km, whichever comes first.


Now for the most important aspect, the Jetour Dashing is offered in a single fully-loaded variant according to the brand’s official website. It is priced at AED 109,000, before VAT.


The Jetour Dashing rivals the likes of the Chery Tiggo 7 Pro Max, Exeed RX, Omoda C5, Hyundai Tucson, Kia Sportage, Nissan X-Trail, and MG HS; among others.

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