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Jetour Cars Models, Prices & Pictures in UAE

Jetour, a subsidiary of Chery Automobiles, is a rising star in the automobile industry. Synonymous with innovation and elegance, Jetour has been making waves in the UAE market, appealing to the sophisticated taste of the region's consumers. The brand's success is derived from its commitment to quality, performance, and aesthetics, evident in each of their automobile models.

Market and Famous Model in UAE

Jetour has found fertile ground in the UAE, thanks to the nation's appreciation for technologically advanced, stylish, and high-performance vehicles. The brand's progressive design philosophy and cutting-edge tech features resonate with the UAE's tech-savvy population. Consequently, Jetour has steadily gained market share, carving out a niche in the competitive UAE automotive sector.

Among Jetour's lineup, the X70 SUV has gained substantial popularity in the UAE. This versatile vehicle is lauded for its robust performance, spacious interior, and modern technology. It seamlessly blends comfort and capability, making it ideal for the UAE's varying driving conditions, from city streets to desert terrains.

Unique Features

The Jetour X70 embodies the brand's commitment to superior quality and innovative design. The SUV sports a powerful turbocharged engine that ensures ample power and efficiency, aligning with the UAE's focus on sustainable mobility solutions.

The X70 is loaded with tech-rich features, including an intuitive infotainment system, advanced safety systems, and smart connectivity options, providing a thoroughly modern driving experience. These features have been designed keeping in mind the high demand for cutting-edge technology among UAE consumers.

Jetour's vehicles, particularly the X70, boast a contemporary design language. The X70's elegant exterior, with its sleek lines and LED lighting, makes a strong visual statement. The interior, with its ample space and premium materials, ensures a comfortable and luxurious ride.


Jetour, with its forward-thinking design philosophy and commitment to quality, has been successfully carving its place in the UAE automobile market. The brand's strong reputation, underlined by the popular X70 SUV, is a testament to its alignment with the UAE's future-oriented vision and love for stylish, performance-centric vehicles. As Jetour continues to introduce innovative and exciting vehicles, its footprint in the UAE market is set to expand further.

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New Jetour cars for sale

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